Well-protected from moisture

Bionicdry, the new waterproofing brand from Erdal-Rex GmbH, helps functional clothing and outdoor equipment defy the elements. Strong, environmentally-friendly performance.

Mainz, September 2015 – Relieve stress, clear your head, flee the digital world – where better to do all that than in the arms of Mother Nature? From hikers to skiers and snowboarders, mountain bikers to campers and rock-climbing enthusiasts, millions of Germans head to the great outdoors in their free time. According to studies, Germany is the outdoors leader among its European neighbors.

To make sure your next outdoor adventure isn't a washout, you need the right clothing. It has to breathe but still withstand wind and weather and keep you warm and dry in the rain and snow. With the new brand Bionicdry, Erdal-Rex has brought an innovative product to the market. Unlike conventional waterproofing products, Bionicdry wash-in waterproofing with a patented high-tech formula works without any potentially harmful ingredients. It uses no highly toxic fluorocarbons, relying instead on plant-based substances that follow the bionic principle (in an imitation of Nature) – a novelty on retail shelves.

Inspired by the ladybug

It is a cute and helpful lucky charm, but that's not all. Endowed by Nature with a semicircular shell that keeps out water, the ladybug also is the inspiration for the new waterproofing product. Bionicdry applies the bionic principle to special textile care. With an active ingredients compound of biological chitosan and special waterproofing substances, which contain no harmful fluorocarbons, the bionic waterproofing formula effectively reinforces the water-resistant properties of functional textiles.

Waterproofing retains textiles' value

Functional clothing has to satisfy two important criteria. It has to be able to breathe and still keep out moisture and watery soiling. Reliable protection comes from the special surface treatment known as "waterproofing". It prevents moisture from spreading out and soaking through fabrics. Moisture instead beads up on the surface of the textiles.

Outdoor textiles are generally pre-treated with waterproofing substances and equipped with a breathable membrane. The protection, however, is gradually lost due to use. Long-term protection from moisture requires that the waterproofing be refreshed now and again. The surface treatment also positively affects the breathability of functional textiles. For without water-resistant properties, the material can lose up to 70% of its breathability in humid conditions. That makes waterproofing doubly important and essential for retaining the value of functional textiles.

Outdoor functional clothing, backpacks, etc. stay dry

Waterproofing sprays are well-known household items. But how does wash-in waterproofing work? The liquid product alternative goes into use in the washing machine, where it delivers additional benefits. When the fabric is wet, the waterproofing solution can be washed all around or rubbed into the weave. Overlooked spots? That can't happen with Bionicdry. The wash-in waterproofing effectively protects all kinds of washable textiles, especially the popular soft shell materials used to make sports, outdoor and functional clothing. Equipment too, such as backpacks, tents, awnings and the like can be protected from rain and snow with Bionicdry applied with a sponge.

Choose from three application methods:

  • Washing machine: Wash clothes as suggested by the manufacturer and with a minimum amount of detergent. Leave the wet clothes in the washing machine. In a separate wash cycle, wash the laundry with Bionicdry (place in clean detergent dispenser) at 30°C in a gentle cycle. Remove textiles, gently wring out or spin and allow to air-dry. Repeat the process as required. Rinsing the clothes in the washing machine is not required.
  • Washing by hand: Mix Bionicdry with 10 liters of water (follow dosage instructions on package) and immerse clean clothing in the solution. Soaking time: about 20 minutes. Remove textiles from the solution, wring out gently and allow to air-dry. Repeat as needed.
  • Sponge application: With a sponge soaked in Bionicdry, apply the product evenly to clean textiles. Make a small test first on a spot that isn't normally visible. Bionicdry is suitable for non-machine washable materials such as tents, backpacks and awnings. Repeat the process as needed.

The perfect addition: Bionicdry sport detergent

For sportswear, casual and functional clothing

Whether you work out in a health club or outdoors, physical exercise leaves its mark on your clothes. The surface of the material carries traces of dirt, rain, sunscreen and/or sweat. Over time all these things plus mechanical stress can damage seam seals and greatly impair the textile's breathability and water-resistant properties. This is where the new Bionicdry Sport-Waschmittel (Bionicdry sport detergent) comes to the rescue. The special formula containing Neutraroma® scent technology cleans, refreshes and conditions sensitive membrane fabrics. During the wash cycle Bionicdry removes all types of damaging residue without harming the textiles' micropores.

Did you know?

Till now most waterproofing products have contained toxic fluorocarbons which pose risks to human health and the environment. The waterproofing material transports the harmful substances into the environment. They cannot be broken down by Nature or the human body and are simply stored there. That's why many environmental protection organizations have warned of fluorocarbons' potential hazards in recent years. With its "Detox Campaign", Greenpeace has persuaded 31 international fashion brands and textile manufacturers to ban dangerous chemicals like fluorocarbons from production by the year 2020.