Hands as soft as peach skin

29 Jul 2021 - Mainz - Brand Frosch

Gentle hand washing and a scent to love in the new sensitive soap variant "Peach Blossom" launched by Frosch Reine Pflege.

We have many reasons to celebrate sun-ripened peaches, the aromatic fruit that's a choice ingredient in cosmetics and a centuries-old remedy in Chinese medicine. The sweet aroma of the soft, fuzzy round stone fruit tickles our senses, sending us good vibes and feelings of well-being. Right on time for the peach season, Frosch Reine Pflege is expanding its hand soap line with Peach Blossom Sensitive Soap. For care that leaves hands as soft as peach skin. To fall in love with.

Sensitive formula – light, refreshing scent

Peach Blossom Sensitive Soap is the second sensitive formula in the Frosch Reine Pflege line. An alternative to its unscented sister product, the new addition gives the user with sensitive skin a delicately scented variant. The vegan and microplastic-free formula with ingredients from renewable plant sources and natural peach blossom extracts cleans hands very gently but thoroughly – ideal for frequent hand washing. Moisturizing ingredients strengthen the skin's natural Acid Mantle and keep the skin supple. When it comes in contact with water, the soap turns into a fine, light and creamy lather that conveys a feeling of fruity freshness. Like all Frosch Reine Pflege soap formulas, the new product fulfills the requirements of near-natural cosmetics. Peach Blossom Sensitive Soap is offered in the packaging-reduced refill pouch.

Refill pouch saves plastic, keeps it in circulation in material cycle

Environmentally friendly refill packaging has been a part of the Frosch philosophy for about 20 years. With the goal of further reducing the ecological footprint, Frosch continuously develops its packaging on the basis of the latest scientific research. Compared to standard product bottles, the Frosch refill pouch saves about 70% plastic. What's special about the new generation is that the bottles made of polyethylene are 100 percent recyclable, so they can circulate practically infinitely in the material cycle. The smart refill pouch can be used to fill the Frosch deco soap dispenser (bottle except for cap made of 100% used plastic) and all other commercially available soap dispensers. Peach Blossom Sensitive Soap expands the Frosch Reine Pflege hand soap line. With aloe vera, pomegranate, almond milk and Sensitiv, users now have a choice of five different Frosch hand soaps.

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