Makeover for Frosch toilet deodorizer: new sub-brand, new look, new scents

27 Jul 2021 - Mainz - Brand Frosch

Raspberry, lime, white tea are the new Frosch Home toilet deodorizers with green cleaning power and fresh, summery scents.

The new sub-brand "Home" distinguishes itself from the competition with a decorative design and conveys a feel-good atmosphere in the bathroom.

Joining the fresh scent variants raspberry and lime is the trendy "white tea" with a contemporary and inspirational fragrance.

Why Frosch Home?

These days when words like "homing" and "cocooning" are catching on and the home is becoming more important than ever, new homebodies are looking for brands and products that fulfill their needs. Frosch has a solution with its proven range of toilet deodorizers in a new outfit, relaunched in Germany in May.

Sustainability with every flush

Naturally, the more family members, the higher the number of visits to the bathroom. There are two good reasons for regular care and maintenance of toilets. Frosch Home toilet deodorizers prevent the build up of limescale and urine scale on ceramic surfaces and freshen the toilet with every flush. Best of all, Frosch shows that toilet care can be environmentally friendly. Vegan, free of microplastic and made with 100% plant-based surfactants, Frosch Home toilet deodorizers are an ecological alternative to conventional toilet stones (which use petrochemical surfactants). Another environmental plus is the packaging. No clamp is required for the hygienic basket, which is made from 100% used plastic, 20% of which comes from the Yellow Bag. The basket itself is 100% recyclable. How to use it? Just push the basket that holds the four power balls under the rim of the toilet. Flush. Finished.

Fresh, summery scents

Good mood.It isn't summer without raspberries, preferably eaten right from the bush. In Europe, the raspberry plant has been known for its healing powers since antiquity. The sweet, fruity raspberry aroma has a cheerful, refreshing effect.

Clear Thoughts.The citrusy scent of lime beams us mentally to the tropics. The aroma is said to have a positive effect on powers of concentration and even to relieve headaches. Clear, fresh and invigorating.

Pure relaxation.White tea is one of the oldest remedies in traditional Chinese medicine. Among other things, it can reportedly reduce stress and lower blood pressure. The delicate, mildly sweet fragrance brings stress levels down.

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