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04-Oct-2021 - Mainz - Brand Frosch

Frosch Senses flirted with macadamia and a light vanilla scent and came up with a near-natural Frosch shower gel to pamper you with creamy care and warm aroma throughout the winter.

Showering in autumn and winter has a very different purpose than in summer. During the cold months when we cuddle up at home, we like to take it easy as we care for our skin. Not content with a quick freshening up, we celebrate our visit to the bath with indulgent moments under the shower. Relaxing in our home spa is linked to an extra amount of care for winter-ravaged skin, which Frosch Senses shower gel provides with the new product variety of Winter Macadamia.

Creamy soft formula, nutty scent with a hint of vanilla

It often happens very quickly. Just yesterday it was summer, lovely T-shirt weather and then suddenly the temperature drops 15 degrees. The transition from the warm to cold season makes serious demands of skin. Our sensitive organ reacts to the temperature change and heated rooms with low humidity. The skin dries out quickly and becomes rough. Frosch Senses winter macadamia helps to compensate for the loss of moisture. The creamy ph-neutral gel formula with macadamia extract moisturizes the skin and satisfies its need for intensive care. Almost without a conscious thought. During a routine shower. The delicate perfume with a touch of vanilla and nutty note is an olfactory experience. Wellness for body and soul.

Contains no . . . .

Like all Frosch Senses shower gels, the Winter Macadamia creme formula is a vegan product with select ingredients based on near-natural cosmetics. It contains no microplastic, SLES, EDTA, parabens and dyes. Manufactured in EMAS-certified production facilities. The especially skin-friendly, pH-neutral formula supports the skin's natural protective acid mantle. Upon contact with water, the gel turns into a light, creamy fluid—without overdoing the bubbles—to give you a relaxing shower and a velvety feeling on your skin.

Environmental packaging

Environmental packaging is part of the Frosch philosophy. The Frosch Senses shower gel bottle made with 100% used plastic from the Yellow Bag is the circular economy in practice and an innovation in cosmetic packaging that is only slowly finding imitators. The cap on the Frosch Senses shower gel contains a 25 percent share of used plastic. That means that the product bottles are now manufactured with more than 70 percent used plastic from household waste collections (Yellow Bag / Yellow Bin). A true novelty and a further step toward the holistic circular economy.

Season's greetings

The Frosch Senses shower assortment presents two seasonal editions per year. The new product variant Winter Macadamia is found on retail shelves in autumn and winter months, from mid-August 2021 to mid-February 2022. Including the core product family – aloe vera, pomegranate (each also in a refill pouch), orange blossom and the MEN product with sea minerals – consumers have a choice of seven Frosch Senses product variants.

From mid-August 2021 to mid-February 2022, the new Frosch Senses Winter Macadamia Creme Shower Gel is available in supermarkets and online, e.g., at www.froschladen.de .

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