Wintertime Mood Enhancer

06-Oct-2021 - Mainz - Brand Frosch

It's here again! Frosch Oase Cinnamon-Apple is back in the line up, ready to lend an atmosphere of quiet reflection to rooms throughout the winter.

Room fragrances are the crowning touch to a cozy home. Just the right amount of a carefully selected scent creates a special atmosphere. Frosch Oase has returned the popular winter edition of Cinnamon-Apple to its assortment for the cold months of the year. Presented in a new decorative designer flacon. Ideal as a gift to someone else or enjoy in your own home.

Seasonal fragrance

For the winter season Frosch Oase offers a special edition that captures the unmistakable scent of the cozy time of year in a bottle. Inspired by the centuries-old knowledge of aroma therapy, the Frosch Oase Cinnamon-Apple is a soothing fragrance composition with natural oils. The sweet, fruity note has a balancing, harmonizing and warming effect. Frosch Oase Cinnamon-Apple is the ideal fragrance accompaniment for the time of the apple harvest, Thanksgiving, Advent with the aroma of baking cooks, visits to Christmas markets and happy anticipation of the holidays. It adds to the enchanting ambience at home and gives us a feeling of well-being as we relax contentedly with our loved ones.

Scent & deco

Frosch Oase room fresheners link the pleasant sensory effect with a decorative accent. The current deco flacon of glass with its rounded form sports a retro tile pattern in cool gray on white. Pure, light and reserved, it's an understated room accessory that fits in any decor. It's very easy to activate the scent. Open the gift-wrapped package, cut the sachet, fill the design flacon and insert the reed diffusers. You can manage the intensity of the scent with the number of reeds. Six are included in the product packaging; two to three reed diffusers are adequate for small rooms.

In a limited winter edition, Cinnamon-Apple supplements the Frosch Oase product assortment. From mid-August 2021 to mid-February 2022, the seasonal fragrance in gift packaging is available in supermarkets and online, for example, at .

With the program standards of creme spa and lemon grass (as product set: fragrance sachet with design flacon) and orange blossom, lavender and lemon grass (each as separate fragrance sachet) consumers have a choice of five different Frosch Oase scents.

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