Werner & Mertz presents its sustainability approach with a new website

27 Feb 2014 - Mainz - Company-News

Following a relaunch, Werner & Mertz now presents an even clearer and more attractive special Internet site about its sustainability philosophy: » www.integrally-sustainable.com . The newly designed website gives extensive information about how the company manages to work effectively using recycling in the production of cleansing materials and their packaging, genuinely conserving resources and thereby ensuring the preservation of biodiversity.

The seven menu items are clearly distributed across the homepage, inviting visitors to click on them. The website gives information about Werner & Mertz's successes in the use of harmless raw materials and recycling existing materials. The company also presents its projects relating to biodiversity conservation and the protection of water. It offers evidence of its efforts by publishing its EMAS validation and other environmental certificates. Another menu item takes the user to the Werner & Mertz sustainability report. The company also wants to enter into a dialogue with consumers about its commitment. In addition to e-mail and telephone contact, opportunities for this are provided by the Frosch blog and the Facebook page, which can be reached through » www.integrally-sustainable.com with one click.

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