Top marks for the Werner & Mertz staff canteen

20 Mar 2014 - Mainz - Company-News

The meals available in the Werner & Mertz staff canteen are balanced, appetising and varied. This is why WISAG Catering, the responsible canteen service provider, received top marks for the JOB&FIT certificate awarded by the German Nutrition Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung, DGE). The wholesome dishes prepared for the Werner & Mertz employees in the staff canteen according to the latest scientific findings were awarded top marks and hence the JOB&FIT seal of quality.

Joy at the handover of the JOB&FIT certificate (from left to right): Angelika Semler (cook for WISAG Catering at Werner & Mertz), Dr. Dorte Folkers (CEO Hesse section - DGE e.V.), Bernd Orio (catering manager for WISAG catering at Werner & Mertz) and Stephanie Gabler (Head of Human Resources at Werner & Mertz). Photo: Werner & Mertz / H. Piel

The excellent result was among other things due to the daily vegetarian menu, the quality of the food and the variety of dishes. The certification requirements still include a daily choice of fruit, vegetables, wholemeal products and low-fat dairy products, as well as a daily healthy JOB & FIT dish. The communication with the diners is also assessed. For example, this includes a menu that provides comprehensible and transparent information about the dishes and their ingredients.

The “DGE quality standard for the company catering” is intended to contribute to a more balanced and healthier diet at the workplace. This is a matter of course for Werner & Mertz, which does not see sustainability and employee orientation as mere fads, but as embodied in company tradition. Thus, not only are employees offered a healthy breakfast and lunch, but also an in-house health programme.

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