Spring freshness for the home

27 Mar 2014 - Mainz - Product-News

The new season scents from Frosch Oase air fresheners bring spring into the home

Fresh, uplifting, spring: There is already some warmth in the sun and here and there the first fragrant spring blossoms are beginning to appear. A stroll in the great outdoors awakens that sense of spring. So the spring edition of Frosch Oase air freshener is right on time, with its two scents of Mountain Spring and Summer Berries – for anyone who loves the freshness of spring and the feeling of bringing nature into the home.

Mmmm, that smells good

With its spring-like, light bouquets, the Frosch Oase spring edition offers refreshing scent experiences. Whilst Summer Berries lets us dream of warm days in the sunshine and the fruity aroma of our very own orchard, Mountain Spring whisks us off to blossoming alpine meadows. Scented herbs and delicate flowers, gently fluttering in the warm mountain air, are brought to life with this inspiring formula. In their scent worlds, the Frosch Oase air fresheners are based on the ancient art of aromatherapy. A balanced and carefully selected scent composition based on natural and nature-identical oils* gives every room a special atmosphere.

Designer bottle in pastel shades

The Frosch Oase air freshener spring edition is offered in tinted bottles made of satinised glass with natural cork stoppers. Here Frosch has opted for a modern packaging design, on which even the brand logo has been left off. This way the pastel-coloured bottles fit harmoniously into the environment. Simply uncork the bottle to release spring into your home; up to six rattan scent sticks distribute the scent pleasantly within the room. This way, the intensity of the scent can be adjusted based on personal preferences: the more sticks in the bottle, the more intensively the aroma develops.

Campaign period: Between March and May 2014 the limited spring edition of Frosch Oase air freshener will complement the year-round offering of the range. The aromas Mountain Spring and Summer Berries are available in drugstores and food retailers as well as the » Frosch shop .

* All the ingredients used comply entirely with the ingredients list approved by Ökotest

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