EMAS Award for the Best Environmental Team goes to Erdal

28 May 2014 - Hallein - Company-News

The companies Erdal GmbH & Co KG, Erdal GmbH and Werner & Mertz ProfessionalVertriebs GmbH, located in Hallein near Salzburg, belong to the internationally active Werner & Mertz Group with headquarters in Mainz, Germany. Since 1953 high-quality cleaning and care products have been manufactured in Austria under several names known to consumers, including Frosch, Erdal, Emsal and Tofix.

EMAS Award for the Best Environmental Team goes to Erdal
Pictured (from left): National Assembly representative Dipl.‐Ing. Georg Strasser, Mag. August Klaner, Mag. (FH) Gerlinde Hinterstoisser, Ing. Ingo Lurger, Kirstin Schuster, Mag. Franz Studener (all from Erdal), Section Head DI Günter Liebel. (Photo: Umweltbundesamt/B. Gröger)

The success of the eco brand Frosch, which was launched in 1986, is proof that financial success and environmental protection are not contradictory. Step-by-step the company established high ecological, economic and social standards along the entire supply chain. Since 2004 the three Hallein companies have been certified by an independent auditor in accordance with the strict criteria of the European Union's EMAS (Eco-Management Audit Scheme). Within the scope of EMAS a comprehensive environmental management system was developed that includes measures to reduce energy use and CO2 and to conserve resources.

Through the efforts of the 10-member Environmental Team in Hallein, several optimization projects were devised and implemented. A current example is a product-level solution that will allow the manufacturer to do without surfactants (wash-active substances) from tropical cultivation over the long term in favor of using surfactants based on plants native to Europe.

The packaging area also holds great potential. Today the transparent PET bottles from Frosch are made of up to 80% PET recyclate (used plastic) and are approaching the declared goal of 100%. This initiative not only conserves limited raw materials (crude oil) but also reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

An even bigger success – and to date unmatched in Europe – is the Cradle to Cradle CM Gold distinction for the Frosch Citrus Shower and Bath Cleaner, which is produced in Hallein.

The intensified involvement of suppliers is also credited to the initiative of the Environmental Team. At regular intervals the company's vendors are asked about their in-house measures for environmental and sustainability management.

Moreover, the introduction of the energy management system ISO 50001 promises to reveal the savings potential in the production lines. A corporate suggestion program has been established to more effectively use the innovative potential of employees by encouraging their proposals on process optimization, occupational health and safety and environmental protection. In conjunction with the targeted savings, the company financially rewards employees when their ideas are implemented. Employees also benefit from job tickets for the use of public transportation.

These are just some of the many innovative and effective measures for the improvement of the environmental performance for which the Environmental Team is responsible and also a clear declaration of the company's commitment to integrated environmental management.

For this extraordinary achievement Erdal received the EMAS award 2014 for "the best environmental team." The award was presented at the EMAS Conference in Krems on May 27 by Section Head DI Günter Liebel of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management and National Assembly representative Dipl.-Ing. Georg Strasser. On behalf of the 10-member team, the award was proudly accepted by Erdal Managing Directors Mag. Franz Studener and Mag. August Klaner along with Production Manager Ing. Ingo Lurger, Marketing Manager Kirstin Schuster, and Mag. (FH) Gerlinde Hinterstoisser of the Environmental Team.

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