Delicate surfaces? No problem!

10 Jul 2014 - Mainz - Product-News

Computer screens, flatscreen TVs and furniture made of high-gloss synthetics are an ever more prominent feature of everyday life. And they all have one thing in common: delicate surfaces. If you are not careful when cleaning them, you might find they do not tolerate your products – and suddenly that smart look is spoiled. But now Frosch is introducing something new for cleaning smooth surfaces: the Frosch Orange Multi-surface Cleaner with its plant-based formula with orange extracts offers the ideal balance of powerful cleaning performance and a particularly gentle touch. The environmentally-friendly spray cleaner was specially developed for delicate surfaces – but this all-rounder also ensures streak-free, gleaming results even on more sturdy items.

Environmentally-friendly, practical, versatile: a product for everything

Environmentally friendly? Of course! The Frosch Orange Multi-surface Cleaner works using a combination of plant-based active ingredients with the addition of natural orange extracts, which are well known for their dirt and grease-removing properties. The ecological formula, which is biodegradable, contains a relatively low level of solvents, making it particularly gentle. The Frosch Orange Multi-surface Cleaner is recommended for the cleaning of all surfaces such as high-gloss or synthetic furniture items, flatscreens, car fittings, wood, metal or similar surface materials - it's a product for everything. This saves both time and space in the cleaning cupboard, meaning Frosch Orange Multi-surface Cleaner is particularly useful in small apartments or at the office. And it is simple and convenient to use: just spray, wipe, and it's done! You do not need to wipe the surface with water afterwards. And on more stubborn dirt? The "foam" function in the spray nozzle means the cleaning solution can be sprayed directly onto the relevant spot and the dirt doesn't stand a chance. After the work is done, a subtle, fruity-fresh orangey scent lingers.

Environmental protection with everyday cleaning – intelligent cleaning and packaging from Frosch

Frosch’s consideration of the environment doesn't stop with its formulas; it also takes ecological responsibility in its product packaging as well. That means: less impact on the environment as a result of reduced consumption of packaging materials and forward-thinking use of recycled and recyclable materials. For example, the bottle in which Frosch Orange Multi-surface Cleaner is supplied consists of almost 100-percent recycled material (used plastic) – a real contribution to environmental protection.

The Frosch Orange Multi-surface Cleaner is available immediately in supermarkets, grocery stores and in » Frosch's online shop.

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