The scent of winter

8 Aug 2014 - Mainz - Product-News

Every season has its own magic. Following a long, hot summer, many people are already looking forward to the coming autumn and winter months, with the promise of lengthy walks in the crisp air and visits to picturesque Christmas markets filled with the heavenly scents of star anise, roasted almonds and cinnamon.

To ensure that this sense of winter wellbeing is able to penetrate into people’s homes, Frosch Oase is launching two new winter scents from September 2014. They will be offered as limited editions and will complement the year-round range available from the popular air freshener brand for just a few months.

Test winners: Frost Pattern and Cinnamon Apple

For the first time, Frosch fans got the chance to select their favourite scents from many different concepts. Ice Flower and Cinnamon Apple emerged victorious from the Facebook vote. The two scents are now coming to the market. Ice Flower is a fresh and luxurious scent that arouses memories of clear, sunny winter days and snow-covered landscapes with filigree frost patterns. The scent is invigorating and inspiring thanks to its clear and elegant quality. Cinnamon Apple smells like red apples with a hint of cinnamon and the finest spices. It is a warm and sensuous winter scent that rings in Advent and gets you into the Christmas spirit.

The scent worlds of Frosch Oase air fresheners are based on centuries-old knowledge of aromatherapy. A balanced and carefully selected scent composition based on natural and nature-identical oils gives every room a special atmosphere.

Scented eye-catchers

The Frosch Oase air freshener winter edition is presented in tinted, satinised glass bottles with natural cork stoppers. This fine and deliberately pure packaging design doesn’t even feature a brand logo, enabling the scent bottle to fit into any environment. To provide the scent experience, the bottle is uncorked and up to six rattan scent sticks are placed inside, which distribute the scent around the room. The intensity of the scent can be varied as desired: the more scent sticks are placed in the bottle, the more intense the scent experience.

The Frosch Oase air freshener winter edition with the scents Ice Flower and Cinnamon Apple is available in health and beauty shops, grocery stores and the » Frosch online shop from September 2014.

* The scents used in Frosch Oase air fresheners comply with the ingredients list approved by Ökotest.

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