Frosch and REWE win the ECR Award!

09-Sep-2014 - Nürnberg - Company-News

MAINZ – Recognition has been given to the Recyclate Initiative, a venture founded by
Werner & Mertz with its Frosch brand and partners Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD), the packaging manufacturer ALPLA, the sorting technology specialist UNISENSOR, the REWE Group and NABU e.V.

The ECR Award 2014 was presented to the initiative for its outstanding achievement in the category "Management Cooperation Supply Side" during a gala event in Nuremberg on 9 September 2014.

"We are delighted with the recognition that this respected prize brings," said said Reinhard Schneider, Managing Partner of Werner & Mertz, at the award ceremony. "We hope that it will publicize our cause and help us to gain more partners in the Recyclate Initiative and thus attain more sustainability in packaging."

Left to right: Frank Böttcher (DSD), Dr. Michael Heyde (DSD), Reinhard Schneider (Frosch/Werner & Mertz), Prof. Dr. Gunther Krieg (Unisensor), Jan Meyer (Unisensor), Gerlinde Sulzmaier (REWE), Frau Runkel (REWE), Günther Lehner (Alpla), Timothy Glaz (Werner & Mertz), Karin Flohr (NABU).

Since 2010 the PET packaging for the Frosch brand has been made of up to 80 percent recyclates, which so far have come from returnable bottles. Ultramodern laser technology now makes it possible to use recyclable materials from household waste collection. Up to 40 percent recyclates from secondary raw materials from the Yellow Bag are used in the production of Frosch PET packaging. The processing of recycled plastic – from used packaging to PET – has a twofold environmental advantage over conventional products made of crude oil. For one thing, processing is not based on fossil resources, but on recyclates. Thus the raw material cycle comes full circle. Secondly, the manufacturing process consumes up to two-thirds less energy, thereby saving twice as much CO2.

The Recyclate Initiative was established in 2012 by Werner & Mertz in cooperation with Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH (DSD), NABU, ALPLA, UNISENSOR and the REWE Group. The objective is to set up an effective and quality-preserving closed loop for reusable materials.
"With our partners we have developed a process that recovers high-quality plastics from the Yellow Bag collection for use in our PET packaging," said Werner & Mertz CEO Schneider. "We understand this type of 'upcycling' as eco-effectiveness in practice."

State-of-the-art laser technology from Unisensor permits very precise sorting of materials from household waste collection. That, in turn, makes it possible to obtain PET granules from the Yellow Bag in the form required for the manufacture of colored and single-variety PET bottles.

The results of the cooperation speak for themselves. To date 100,000 bottles of Frosch dishwashing detergent have been produced with the new process and brought to market by REWE and others.

Ambitious Goals

The Mainz-based company will continue to pursue ambitious recycling goals in the future. "We want to fully exploit the potential of one and one-half million tons of plastic waste from the Yellow Bag," said Schneider. "Furthermore, we intend to promote the use of new technologies. Crude oil is a limited resource and what's lacking is a vision of an effective material cycle. We want to expand the pilot project of our joint initiative into an idea that establishes itself in the mind of the consumer."

New Waste Management Legislation

But not only there. Together the six partners in the Recyclate Initiative want to point out new perspectives to policy makers and eventually bring about changes in waste management legislation in the interest of environmental protection. The goal is to develop a policy that creates economic and ecological incentives to re-use recyclates obtained from secondary raw materials in the Yellow Bag system in consumer packaging.

"The challenge is to set up an efficient process chain," said CEO Schneider. The initiative counts on open cooperation and seeks additional partners from other industries. The PET re-granules have been tested by an independent institution and declared suitable for contact with foodstuffs.

ECR Award: This is the 12th time GS1 Germany has granted the ECR Award for Efficient Consumer Response. The award honors outstanding collaborative work across the value chain that puts customer orientation in the focus. The renowned prize was presented in Nuremberg at a festive event with about 400 guests from top management of leading industrial and commercial companies.

Who does what in the Recyclate Initiative?

Der Grüne Punkt:is the collection system (Yellow Bag) for consumer packaging, with sorting and preliminary processing)
UNISENSOR Systems:ensures fine sorting for PET flakes from Yellow Bag by means of high-speed laser spectroscopy
ALPLA:manufactures PET bottles from recovered material. Packaging is of high-quality with a share of up to 40% recyclate from the Yellow Bag
Frosch:is the initiator, promoter, filler and implementer of innovation;
introduced to the market recyclate packaging with up to 20% recyclate from Yellow Bag
REWE:interface to consumers, supports and educates the consumer in the issue of sustainability in packaging
NABU:supports value-adding development with critical expertise

You can learn more about the Recyclate Initiative » here

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