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22 Sep 2014 - Mainz - Company-News

Over 250 young people find out what's on offer in eight trades at the Training Day

Katrin Schönbrodt, Head of Business Training, is very impressed by the lively response on the Training Day. Quite a few who had already submitted a written application used the opportunity to get a personal impression of their future chosen profession at Werner & Mertz; for example in personal discussions with the 35 current apprentices or their trainers. Or in very practical terms, such as at the measuring stations where they were able to gain hands on experience of the everyday work of a chemical technician, or in the training workshop, where the training courses for mechatronics technicians, automation electronics technicians and industrial mechanics were explained right there at the workplace.

The apprentices proudly explain and demonstrate to the potential recruits the wide range of trades that you can learn at Frosch. Photograph: Werner&Mertz

Good grades and personality required

The job specifications are as varied as the interests of the applicants. However, all the recognised trades have in common the minimum requirement of a good secondary school leaving grade, good foreign language skills, good marks in maths and of course an eagerness to work. "They also need to be active and full of ideas, and try to contribute their own personality," said Katrin Schönbrodt, rounding off the list of requirements. And ultimately investing in good training and good candidates is all part of a sustainable corporate strategy: "Today's apprentices strengthen the company and make us fit to face the challenges of tomorrow," said Reinhard Schneider, Chairman of the Board of Management, with complete conviction. To ensure the successful training of its young employees, Werner & Mertz has been offering additional benefits for some years now, such as manual and practical training in small teams for the technical trades, a company laptop of their own for the business apprentices and the chance to attend additional seminars.


In 2015, there will be vacancies for two chemical technician apprentices, three applicants for the apprenticeship in industrial management, two budding mechatronics technicians, one media designer, a prospective IT manager and two apprentice industrial mechanics. Werner & Mertz also trains junior employees in the field of warehouse logistics.

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