'Tafelteller' food bank award for Werner & Mertz

30 Oct 2014 - Mainz/Berlin - Company-News

Günter Scheinkönig, CEO of the Werner & Mertz marketing company Erdal-Rex, has been presented the 2014 'Tafelteller' award of the Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel e.V. (Federal Association of German Food Banks) for the family-run company's commitment. During the evening reception to mark Bundestafeltag (Federal food bank day), the association's patron, Family Minister Manuela Schwesig, paid tribute to the sponsors of the charitable organisation for their outstanding support for food banks over the years. Günter Scheinkönig personally accepted the symbolic dish from Schwesig in the presence of association chairman Jochen Brühl. "It is the commitment of the companies that allows the organisation's volunteers to do so much good," said Schwesig underscoring the role of the organisation's sponsors. "They are our muscle power and help us to set a nationwide example of solidarity and humanity. They deserve our gratitude," added Brühl.

However, the in excess of 900 food banks throughout Germany do not just need food donations. On the contrary, they also collect and distribute everyday household goods such as those produced by Werner & Mertz with its trusted brand FROSCH, namely washing-up liquid, household cleaners and washing detergents, for example. "With our donation we would like to give socially disadvantaged people the chance to clean their homes using sustainable products," said Scheinkönig, explaining the longstanding commitment of Werner & Mertz. Collective action according to a sustainable corporate philosophy plays a very important role, especially for the food banks that are reliant on the donations. "The more companies that support the organisation's work, the more food it is able to meaningfully provide to help more people." Only recently, the Erdal-Rex Managing Director handed over Frosch detergent worth over 40,000 euros in Karlsruhe to three national food banks.

Nationwide, the food banks and their approximately 60,000 volunteers and helpers support over 1.5 million vulnerable people, nearly one-third of whom are children and adolescents. All 919 food banks throughout Germany are charitable organisations and are predominantly funded through donations. The food banks have been operating in Germany for over 20 years. Using the food donations from the companies, the food banks are making a contribution to a balanced diet, while at the same time easing the financial burden on the recipients, thus enabling them to participate more in society. Food banks are places to meet and communicate and in addition to food donations also help the recipient to help themselves.

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