Special Prize for FROSCH Recyclate Initiative

12 Nov 2014 - Mainz - Company-News

Reinhard Schneider, Managing Partner of Werner & Mertz, accepted the award from DVI Chairman Burkhard Lingenberg and DVI Managing Director Winfried Batzke. Foto: Uwe Niklas
Reinhard Schneider, Managing Partner of Werner & Mertz, accepted the award from DVI Chairman Burkhard Lingenberg and DVI Managing Director Winfried Blatzke. The Mainz-based manufacturer of cleaning products also received the German Packaging Award 2014 for the best sales packaging in the category Detergents, Cleaning Agents and Cleansers. FROSCH may now add both signets from DVI to its product labels and thereby promote the company's Recyclate Initiative.

Many representatives of business and politics attended the ceremony for the award, which is under the patronage of the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Sigmar Gabriel. Of the 230 submissions from 10 countries, 61 were nominated and 29 innovations were recognized, including Werner & Mertz GmbH of Mainz for its FROSCH Recyclate Initiative. The jury was most impressed with the sustainability of the idea that could revolutionize the entire packaging industry. That is, PET from the Yellow Bag is no longer incinerated as usual, but is processed instead with special sensor laser technology into granules that go into the production of new bottles. As a secondary raw material, the recycled PET is returned to the technical cycle of package manufacturing. It is already possible to use up to 40 percent of recyclates for the production of new transparent PET bottles.

Partners in the supply chain to date include the dual system Green Dot (DSD), the globally active packaging company ALPLA of Austria, the trading, travel and tourism company REWE Group, the German Society for the Preservation of Nature (NABU) and the manufacturer of sensor systems UNISENSOR of Karlsruhe. In collaboration with the trusted FROSCH brand from Werner & Mertz, these organizations put their expert know-how into the development of technological and ecological requirements and help to raise public awareness of the issue. This cooperative effort and collective struggle for a good cause is a first for the industry.

Plastics experts, packaging developers and professors, plus trade logistics specialists, designers and marketing strategists agreed that the FROSCH Recyclate Initiative deserved special attention because it not only improves packaging in the long term but also gives consumers a new ecological mindset and promotes sustainability in the handling of household waste. Together the players in the Recyclate Initiative want to point out new perspectives to policy makers and to bring about an amendment to the Waste Management Act for the benefit of environmental protection. The goal is to use political means to create economic and ecological incentives to use recyclates from secondary raw materials from the Yellow Bag in packaging.

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