Green Day - Werner & Mertz presents its engagement in environmental and sustainability issues

14 Nov 2014 - Mainz - Company-News

Students of the Mainz Steinhöfelschule listen attentively during a tour of the Frosch production facilities. Photo: Werner & Mertz
The students, aged 18 to 20, now attend classes in office management and trade and e-commerce and will qualify for technical college admission in the coming year. "In class we dealt with the subject of packaging and linked it to environmental protection and packaging waste," said instructor Regine Hemer. She proposes that the school act as a catalyst in the issue of sustainability to bring about a new way of thinking. Her students have visited Werner & Mertz many times and some have completed an eight-week practicum that prompted one or two to apply for a traineeship at Werner & Mertz after completing school.

Their positive impressions were again confirmed on Green Day. After listening to a company presentation, the 50 young would-be professionals took a close look at the award-winning Recyclate Initiative with which Werner & Mertz has earned recognition for manufacturing pure recyclates from PET waste together with its cross-industry partners. They also became acquainted with the surfactant initiative, another innovation from Werner & Mertz. Green Day ended with a tour through the Production department and a look at the company's own water center. Ms. Hemer said that sustainability and resource conservation are rich and timely subject matter. Among other things, the topics can be included in ethics classes or in discussions during German lessons.

An initiative of the Zeitbild Foundation, Green Day takes place every year on 12 November. The career counseling event promotes occupations in environmental management. Today more than two million people work in green jobs, according to Zeitbild. These positions are considered very attractive, but the lack of subject matter experts is a real problem. Therefore, companies from small trade workshops to large concerns invite students from technical colleges and research and educational facilities to lectures, experiments, workshops and factory tours and present their engagement in environmental and climate protection.

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