Active oxygen works against stubborn stains

17 Dec 2014 - Mainz - Company-News

Frosch is expanding its assortment of vegan stain removers with a strong stain solvent for all bleachable textiles.

Some stains like dried-on red wine spills or grass streaks from gardening are tough to tackle. Frosch is now offering a powerful aid for treatment of especially hard-to-remove stains. The new Frosch stain remover with active oxygen (Frosch Aktiv-Sauerstoff Fleck-Entferner) quickly gets rid of all stains in the familiar sustainable Frosch quality. With the plant-based vegan stain remover, Frosch once again offers the consumer a new environmentally friendly product alternative.

No fear of horrid stains

The Frosch active oxygen stain remover puts its power to work on all bleachable stains such as fruit, red wine, coffee, tea and carrots. The good news for gardeners, outdoorsy types, picnickers and soccer moms: grass stains and traces of pollen are gone in a flash. The stain-removing formula based on active oxygen can be used for pre-wash treatment of color-fast clothing and household textiles. The cleaning strength of every commercially available detergent is boosted and stains are gently and effectively removed. The Frosch active oxygen stain remover is suitable for use on whites and colored laundry and for all textiles except silk. All Frosch formulas are dermatologically tested for skin tolerance.

Good and proper pre-treatment

The plant-based Frosch active oxygen stain remover is simply applied directly on the stain before the soiled item is washed. In best case the stain is treated as soon as it appears. After a brief waiting time (recommended 10 minutes maximum), the treated piece is washed in the washing machine along with the rest of the laundry.

Triple vegan stain removal power – Which remover for which stain?

For bleachable stains – the new Frosch active oxygen stain remover expands the Frosch stain removal offerings with an especially strong formula. It flexes its muscles against all bleachable stains such as fruit, pollen, grass, red wine, coffee, tea and carrots. Contents: 75 ml; MSRP about 2 EUR.

For grease and protein stains – The plant-based Frosch stain remover (Frosch wie Gallseife Fleck-Entferner) works like bile soap to remove stains left by blood, sauces, ice cream, milk, yogurt, cream, cooking fats and oils or butter. Contents: 75 ml; MSRP about 2 EUR. Also available as Frosch stain and prewash spray (Gallseife Flecken- und Vorwasch-Spray) for treatment of large-scale stains and for users who prefer spray-on application. Contents: 500ml; MSRP about 3 EUR.

For pigment stains – Frosch citrus stain remover (Frosch Citrus Fleck-Entferner) conquers pigment-based smudges and smears from lipstick, creams or make-up and dirty collars with the natural fat solvents in lemons. Contents: 75 ml; MSRP about 2 EUR.

The vegan Frosch stain removers are available in drug stores, grocery stores and in the Frosch online shop (

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