Successful Girls' Day at Werner & Mertz: Girls check out the Frosch

27 Apr 2015 - Mainz

Successful Girls’ Day 2015: Girls check out the Frosch.
Sustainability plays a major role in production and in personnel policy at Werner & Mertz, the well-known manufacturer of dishwashing and laundry detergents and household cleaners. Fifteen girls from grades 5 through 9 in Mainz schools could see that for themselves on Girls' Day on 23 April 2015. As participants in Girls’ Day, the largest career orientation project for schoolgirls in Germany, they visited the renowned Mainz-based company to gather information about occupations in industrial trades and natural sciences. Through its successful Girls' Day program, Werner & Mertz wants to encourage women to enter fields traditionally dominated by men and thereby preclude a shortage of technicians.

"In recent years the proportion of female applicants has risen considerably," said PR specialist Monika Kindgen, who is responsible for Girls' Day at Werner & Mertz. Girls are increasingly showing more interest in the job of industrial mechanic. Ralf Zimmermann, head of the training workshop, added, "Girls are just as suitable as boys in jobs requiring technical training. Besides being able to understand technical processes, applicants need mathematical skills and manual dexterity. It isn't necessary to be big and strong."

At Girls’ Day the girls could test their practical skills in the company's training workshop.
To give the girls some insight into vocational practices at Werner & Mertz, this year's program called for a visit to the in-house water center and a tour of the production facilities. The day's highlight came afterwards when the girls tested their manual skills in the making of a keychain under Mr. Zimmermann's expert direction in the training workshop.

Everyone had a lot of fun, so it's no wonder that Girls' Day at Werner & Mertz always generates a great deal of interest. In just a short amount of time the limited places for the following year are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. It pays to be quick if you want to take part next year.

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