Frosch (almost) never sleeps

26 Oct 2015 - Mainz

Seventy guests fulfilled the wish for a look behind the scenes at Werner & Mertz during the "First Night of the Manufacturing Industry", an event initiated by Christopher Sitte, Economic Affairs Officer for the City of Mainz, on 22 October 2015.

At the "First Night of the Manufacturing Industry" the 70 participating companies from the Greater Mainz area could see for themselves the economic power of the long-established company Werner & Mertz.
The "First Night of the Manufacturing Industry" is a special event of the Mainz business meeting group "Old Hands Meet New Brooms", which brings together old, established businesses and young companies in the region for purpose of learning from each other. "The manufacturing industry is very important for the business location Mainz," said Mr. Sitte at the opening of the "First Night of the Manufacturing Industry" on the premises of Werner & Mertz. "Companies operating here are reliable employers and standard bearers for the city. Werner & Mertz is one of the exemplary businesses among them," he added in explaining the participants' special interest in a visit to Frosch.

Ralph Wenner, Commercial Director Werner & Mertz, with Christopher Sitte, Officer Economic Affairs, during the tour
It was no surprise then that the 70 participants paid close attention to Commercial Managing Director Ralph Wenner, who led them on a tour of the production halls after telling them a bit about the history and economic strength of Werner & Mertz. The company currently employs 1000 persons, with 650 in Mainz and the remaining 350 spread across the branches in Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Poland and Spain. Right now the traditional Mainz-based business is training 35 young people in nine different occupational fields. In doing so, said the commercial managing director, Werner & Mertz makes an important contribution to preserving the city's economic power and securing the future of Mainz as a business location.

During the tour through the production facilities, the participants in the "First Night of the Manufacturing Industry" could convince themselves of the economic strength of the Frosch and Erdal brands. From the production of shoe polish and the filling of the Citrus Shower & Bath Cleaner bearing the well-known Frosch logo to the dizzying high-bay warehouse, nothing was hidden from the night-time visitors. "Very interesting" and "It smells so familiar here" were among the comments heard repeatedly.

Günther Heinrich, Technology Manager at Werner & Mertz, explains why the Frosch almost never sleeps
"Frosch (almost) never sleeps," said Günther Heinrichs, Technology Manager at Werner & Mertz, during the tour. "From Monday to Friday we work practically around the clock in three shifts." He added, "An important component of our corporate philosophy is to design our packaging for 'maximal' sustainability'." Werner & Mertz is considered to be an eco-pioneer that puts PET packaging into a closed cycle and extracts valuable secondary raw materials from PET waste collected in the Yellow Bag system.

After taking in so much information, the participants had just enough time for a small snack before they headed off to see two other local companies, Cargill and Römheld & Moelle.

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