Sustainability pioneer reduces waste at the Mainz plant

12 Dec 2013 - Mainz - Company-News

Werner & Mertz submits sustainability report / Energy management optimised

Family-run company Werner & Mertz, known among other things for its household brands Erdal, Frosch and tana has further reduced the quantity of waste it produces at its Mainz plant. This is shown in the sustainability report recently published by the company. Overall, the volume of waste fell by 16 tons to 1,446 tons in 2012.

Dr. Detlef Matz, Head of Sustainability Management at Werner & Mertz remarked: "The lion's share of the waste here in Mainz arises in the chemical-physical waste water treatment plant. Since 2010, we have improved the plant and installed a more efficient chamber filter press, which has resulted in a continuous reduction in effluent sludge, reflecting positively in the overall balance."

The company has also made further progress in terms of energy savings. Werner & Mertz constantly monitors its electricity, gas or compressed air consumption in order to identify savings potential. Mid-2012 saw the introduction of an energy management system at the Mainz plant, which will further reduce the company's energy consumption in the long term.

Furthermore, the sustainability report shows that the company has also been using well water to cool and heat the head office in Mainz since 2011. Most of the well water is subsequently used to generate purified water and is thus recycled. In this way, 72 per cent of the well water was reused in 2012.

The exceptional commitment and the outstanding achievements of Werner & Mertz in the implementation of its sustainability philosophy were acknowledged again this year. Thus the brand “Frosch” was able to convince the international research and environmental consulting institute EPEA (Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency) in Hamburg. The “Frosch Citrus Dusche & Bad Reiniger” was the first product from the cleaning industry to be conferred the “Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Gold” award in Europe. The EPEA tested the Werner & Mertz cleaning product according to its “Cradle to Cradle®” principle. This involves a precise analysis of the materials used, their recyclability, the use of energy and water and the social impact of product life cycles and production methods. The institute's award pays tribute to the product's outstanding environmental characteristics.

But the “Frosch Citrus Dusche & Bad Reiniger” isn't the only especially sustainable Werner & Mertz product. Thus, the tana green-care products were awarded the "Grünes Band 2012" by the Huss-Medien Group in the "Climate" category. In addition, a jury of top sustainability experts awarded the "Frosch" brand household cleaners the "Green Brand Germany" seal of quality.

Werner & Mertz kicked off its pioneering work for more sustainability in 2012 with the launch of the "Initiative Frosch", which aims to develop environmental protection solutions. The drive got underway with the "Recycled Material" initiative, which aims to introduce new and improved sorting technologies in order to recover a higher portion of recycled PET, in particular from the Yellow Sack collection system. The Werner & Mertz brand Frosch is setting a good example: Since as early as December 2011, all Frosch PET bottles consist of

over 65 per cent recycled material. This means that the Werner & Mertz plant in Hallein alone uses around 200 tons less new PET each year. The crystal-clear Frosch bottles meanwhile contain over 80 per cent recycled PET. The initiative's next goal is to encourage the use of surfactants made from European plants.

Werner & Mertz also takes a cyclical approach to its energy needs. Since 2010, the most striking example has been the new head office, which was awarded the platinum LEED certificate, the world's toughest sustainability certifications, in 2012 for its sustainable energy concept. The energy-plus house generates 20 per cent more energy that it needs for its day-to-day operation.

However, Werner & Mertz also sees sustainability as social commitment to generation equality and equal opportunity. The company has been supporting food banks in Germany for many years. Thus, for instance, Werner & Mertz donated household cleaners and shoe care products worth EUR 60,000 to the Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel (German Federal Association of Food Banks). Werner & Mertz has also been supporting initiatives of the Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) – the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union – for years. The company has been collaborating with the NABU for 13 years on the “Frosch protects frogs” project. Werner & Mertz is also supporting the new initiative of the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union to create a new alluvial forest near Ingelheim in the Rhine water meadows. The company's commitment even extends beyond the borders of Germany. In France, for example, the Werner & Mertz brand Rainett is collaborating with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to protect water.

You'll find the current Sustainability report here .

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