Customers trust Frosch: Frosch is Most Trusted Brand 2016

11 Apr 2016 - Mainz - Company-News

For the 15th consecutive time, the readers of Reader's Digest magazine have chosen the Frosch brand as the Most Trusted Brand among cleaning products in Germany.

In the pan-Europe survey, conducted for the first time by the research institution Dialego on behalf of Reader's Digest, consumers named the Frosch brand the most trusted brand among household cleaners.

With their selection, consumers once again showed that, in addition to consistently high product quality, sustainability, customer orientation and service quality contribute to increasing trust in a brand.

"Brand trust is the gauge for the enduring success of a brand and a company. Besides product quality, the most important factor is tending to the customer relationship," said Holger Grossmann, Advertising Manager of Reader's Digest Germany. "We now see many avid brand fans who have a surprisingly intense relationship with their brand. Companies in the know can act accordingly to ensure success in the long term."

The Frosch brand knows very well how important consumers' trust is. For more than 30 years Frosch has pursued eco-effectiveness and has handled resources carefully in keeping with Cradle to Cradle® design principles. For more than 10 years Werner & Mertz has had its two manufacturing sites in Mainz and in Hallein (Austria) certified by the European Union's Environmental Management Audit System (EMAS), which is considered the world's most demanding criteria for sustainable environmental management. With the launch of the first phosphate-free cleaner, the brand established itself as an eco-pioneer. Customer trust has grown steadily over the years.

With the survey "Reader’s Digest European Trusted Brands 2016," the magazine identified the most trusted brands in Germany in 29 product categories. Without being prompted with a list of brands, the representative sample of 4000 adults was asked to name their most trusted brand in each category. From among 112 different brands named in the household cleaner category, Frosch was mentioned most often and so was designated Germany's Most Trusted Brand 2016.

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