Werner & Mertz acts to prevent skilled labor shortage

12 Apr 2016 - Mainz

Training Partnership
Werner & Mertz and the Gustav-Stresemann-Wirtschaftsschule have entered into a training partnership. Photo: GSW

Werner & Mertz has formed a training partnership with the Gustav-Stresemann Wirtschaftsschule (GSW). The coordinators assigned to put life into the Training Partnership Agreement are Katrin Schönbrodt and Monika Kindgen from Werner & Mertz GmbH and faculty members Christian Weichel and Dominique Glaß from GSW. With this initiative, the manufacturer of cleaning products, dishwashing and laundry detergents is working toward heading off a lack of skilled labor in scientific, technical and commercial occupations.

Classes from GSW have visited Werner & Mertz several times in past years to take a look at life and work at the family-owned and operated company based in Mainz. Late last year a seminar for GSW faculty was held at the corporate headquarters. Favorably impressed by the cooperation, school administrators asked the Mainz manufacturer to form a training partnership and quickly received a positive response from Werner & Mertz.

Under the terms of the agreement, Werner & Mertz and GSW will intensify their cooperative efforts. Among other things, they will develop teaching units dealing with sustainability and environmental protection. The objective is to forge a link between theory and practice for selected topics.

The partners' shared goal is a long-term collaborative project over several years. They will use practical training projects to show students the variety of professions and trades open to them and provide guidance with the selection of their future occupations.

The idea for training partnerships originated with IHK Rheinhessen, which is helping companies in the region with timely searches for appropriate trainees and apprentices. Within the scope of training partnerships, companies can become acquainted with potential trainees and recruit them. In the process they can reduce personnel recruiting costs and fill training vacancies.

At the first partnership session scheduled for 30 May, students will learn how to apply for a training program.
This is the second training partnership for Werner & Mertz. The first was established last year with the Steinhöfelschule in Mainz.

Every year Werner & Mertz accepts 10 new trainees in its training program, which is currently preparing 35 young people for 10 different trades and professions. Depending on the occupation, trainees receive between 2.5 and 3.5 years of instruction. When selecting applicants, Werner & Mertz considers technical suitability and also places great value on soft skills such as engagement and team spirit.

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