Werner & Mertz introduces itself to potential trainees

9 Jun 2016 - Mainz

What can a young person one day become when he begins his career under the sign of the red frog? This question was answered at the Werner & Mertz in-house Training Day on the first weekend in June. More than 100 pupils from different types of schools took a close look at the six training-required occupations that the manufacturer of sustainable cleaning products is offering in 2017.

Technical Training Manager Ralf Zimmermann was pleased with the crowd attracted to Training Day. The pupils who had applied in writing beforehand were able to gain a personal impression of the future occupations at Werner & Mertz in conversations with some of the 35 current trainees and their trainers. At the premiere of the new Werner & Mertz training films, the young visitors learned more about the jobs available in the Mainz-based family-run company. During guided tours the pupils had a look behind the scenes at the warehouse and training workshop.

The visitors were also given some practical advice regarding their entry to the working world. In a role play directed by commercial trainer Katrin Schönbrodt, Werner & Mertz trainees demonstrated examples of interviews and the personnel pro offered the applicants lots of tips.

Good grades and personality in demand

The list of requirements is as varied as the interests of the applicants. For all training-required jobs, however, the minimum requirements are the same. Applicants have to have a good secondary school leaving certificate, good foreign language skills, good grades in mathematics and, of course, they should enjoy working. "Be active and have bright ideas, let your own personality come through," said Trainer Schönbrodt as she completed the list.

In the end it is part of the sustainable corporate strategy to invest in solid training and qualified candidates. "Our trainees of today strengthen the company and prepare us to handle the challenges of tomorrow," said Reinhard Schneider, owner and chairman of the board of Werner & Mertz. For many years Werner & Mertz has offered extras to ensure the success of its trainees, such as workshop lessons and practical training in small teams for technical jobs, personal computers for industrial clerks and participation in advanced seminars.

Openings for trainees

Trainees are being sought for six occupational fields in 2017: warehouse specialists for Warehouse Logistics, industrial clerks, industrial mechanics, IT specialists, mechatronics technicians and chemical technicians in Production.

Photo: Werner & Mertz

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