Consider cycles and prevent waste

18 Nov 2016 - Mainz

The nationwide Waste Prevention Week is going on now. The official observation is meant to encourage people to think about their own attitudes and behavior surrounding waste.

At Werner & Mertz the careful handling of packaging waste plays a major role. The Recyclate Initiative has devised a solution for putting plastic into a never-ending cycle where it can be used again and again.

Within recent years consumers have become more aware of the issues involving plastic packaging. They want to know where the packaging lands once it has served its purpose, whether the plastic is recycled and if so, how? The Recyclate Initiative sees these questions as a challenge to its sustainability commitment "Do the right things right". One of the right things is following the Cradle-to-Cradle® principle, which calls for the return of all product components to a closed technical or biological cycle. Werner & Mertz has committed itself to doing just that. The prerequisite, of course, is the recyclability of the packaging's individual components.

Since 2012 the Recyclate Initiative has been working toward making efficient plastic recycling a reality. Strong partners from several different industries have bundled their know-how to establish a sustainable circular economy that makes the manufacturing process along the entire supply chain more economical.

The Initiative focuses on true "re-cycling" of used PET bottles and PET and PE waste from the post-consumer Yellow Bag collection system to yield high-quality recycled products that can serve the same purpose as their predecessors. The use of sophisticated sorting and production technologies makes it possible. In state-of-the-art facilities the single-type plastic flakes are extracted from the material flows and processed into high-quality recycled plastic.

It's a genuine cycle in keeping with the Cradle-to-Cradle® principle. Thus far the Initiative has produced transparent PET bottles made of up to 100 percent recycled material, 20 percent of which comes from the Yellow Bag. The new transparent bottles composed of rHDPE from 100 percent recycled material collected by the Yellow Bag system have been rolling off the production line at Werner & Mertz since September.

The success has proven the Initiative is right. For its pioneering work, the Recyclate Initiative has earned several awards, the latest of which was the German Packaging Award in Gold in September of this year.

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