Drinking water for everyone – Werner & Mertz supports Viva con Agua with its Frosch brand

1 Dec 2016 - Mainz - Company-News

We take for granted our access to clean drinking water, but the situation is very different in many other countries around the world. Approximately nine percent of the world's population still has no access to clean water.

It's a deplorable situation that the Mainz family-operated Werner & Mertz wants to remedy. At this year's Sustainability Conference in Düsseldorf, Werner & Mertz initiated a unique "Gurgling for Water" campaign in which donations are collected for the non-profit organization Viva con Agua. At the Next Economy Awards ceremony Werner & Mertz CEO Reinhard Schneider introduced the donation drive and invited everyone to join in. "Clean drinking water has to be available to all people in the world," he said. "Our corporate philosophy encourages sustainability in everything we do. The cooperative efforts with Viva con Agua should bring a true improvement in quality of life for many people," said Schneider.

Schneider became aware of Viva con Agua last year at Sustainability Day when the Hamburg-based initiative won the Next Economy Award for sustainable start-ups. Founded by the former St. Pauli soccer pro Benjamin Adrion, the organization manages drinking water projects around the world.

Here's how "Gurgling for Water" works:

In collaboration with its partner Viva con Agua, Werner & Mertz wants to use "Gurgling for Water" to sensitize people to the issue of drinking water and at the same time to provide help in an unusual way.

With the statement, "I gurgle for water," you take a sip of water, gurgle a song of your choice while filming the entire event and then post the video under the hashtag "GurgelnfuerWasser" (#GurgelnfuerWasser) on facebook or Instagram.

Werner & Mertz supports the work of Viva con Agua with a donation of 20 EURO per video. The more people join in, the higher the donated sum. The campaign runs until International Water Day on 22 March 2017.

The guests at the Sustainability Conference in Düsseldorf obviously had a good time playing along with the campaign dreamt up by the Frosch brand and Viva con Agua. The gurgled songs were filmed and posted under the hashtag #GurgelnfuerWasser on facebook or Instagram. Everybody is welcome to join in! Photo: Werner & Mertz / Mathias Sporn

For Ethiopia

The proceeds from "Gurgling for Water" will go into building drinking water wells in Ethiopia. Despite positive developments in recent years, the East African country is still one of the economically weakest nations in the world. Only slightly more than half of the population has a proper connection to a drinking water supply. Many people consume dirty water every day or have to walk several kilometers to get to the vital resource.

People can be helped with the building of wells. Just 10,000 EUR is enough to drill a well that gives nearly 500 people access to clean drinking water.

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