State Secretary Daniela Schmitt Visits Werner & Mertz

16 Jan 2017 - Mainz

State Secretary for Economic Affairs Daniela Schmitt visited the family-run company Werner & Mertz of Mainz and learned about the production of sustainable laundry detergents, cleaning and care products along with the company's commitment to effective plastic recycling.

The plan for the state secretary's visit naturally included an extensive tour of the Mainz factory. Schmitt was impressed by the spacious company premises and the numerous awards and successes that Werner & Mertz has recently amassed.

The focus was on the Recyclate Initiative and its efforts on behalf of effective plastic recycling. In the previous year the initiative attracted a lot of attention with its ground-breaking pioneer work. For some time the bottles for Frosch brand products have been made of 100 percent recycled PET. In 2016 the Recyclate Initiative developed bottles of 100 percent recycled PE obtained from the Yellow Bag to produce high-quality bottles for Emsal brand floor cleaners. It was a global innovation for which the company received the German Packaging Award in Gold.

State Secretary Daniela Schmitt on a tour of the factory at Werner & Mertz. Photo: Werner & Mertz

"Instead of turning plastic into cheap products or incinerating it, we can reuse a large portion of plastic waste as recyclates," said Werner & Mertz CEO Reinhard Schneider. He called the state secretary's attention to the important role the anticipated packaging legislation plays in plastic recycling. "The law would intensify and support the use of recyclates. Consequently, we would have continuous input into a functioning recycling loop. That would save an enormous amount of energy."

It would also create competition to satisfy the expected demand for post-consumer plastic. Schneider is convinced that old plastic could increase in value just as aluminum did once its recycling potential was recognized.

Werner & Mertz proves that it is possible to link ecology with economic success.

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