Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister and IHK visit Frosch

27 Mar 2017 - Mainz - Company-News

The family-owned company Werner & Mertz of Mainz was host to the IHK Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rhineland-Palatinate as it presented its preliminary assessment of the trainee recruitment campaign "durchstarter.de".

About one year ago the IHK-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rhineland-Palatinate launched the recruitment campaign "durchstarter.de" for young people trying to make decisions about their future occupations. The four Rhineland-Palatinate IHKs joined forces to develop a new approach. Instead of simply providing general information about vocational training, they made the Trainee Blog the central element of the campaign. Using a Website, Facebook and WhatsApp, young people tell others about their experiences in training programs.

"Vocational training in our dual system is highly varied, interesting and demanding," said Ralph Wenner, administrative managing director of Werner & Mertz. "It does not always take a university degree to make you happy in your work." Wenner welcomed the guests, including Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer, and told them: "At Werner & Mertz we are now training about thirty young people in ten vocations. After they leave school, most of our trainees have to decide between going to university and entering a training program. I can say that no one regrets choosing vocational training."

Ralph Wenner (left), administrative managing director at Werner & Mertz, welcomes Prime Minister Malu Dreyer and Arne Rössel, spokesman for the IHK-Arbeitsgemeinschaft. Photo: Werner & Mertz/Herbert Piel

In panel discussions with Prime Minister Dreyer, two young bloggers from durchstarter.de, Arne Rössel, spokesman for the IHK-Arbeitsgemeinschaft and Stephanie Gabler, personnel director at Werner & Mertz, talked about career opportunities in the dual system and the significance of training for companies. "Today the demand for a trade master is just as high as for a master's graduate," said Dreyer. She also mentioned the state government's plans and development for vocational training. Gabler said, "The number of potential trainees declines every year. That makes it all the more important for companies to stay close to the market and to win over young people as early as possible." Werner & Mertz does just that by cooperating with schools, participating in job fairs and hosting its own annual training day. "Companies have to open up, 'pull in' the parents and show them 'This is who we are'," said Gabler.

Sabine Mesletzky, project manager of durchstarter.de, explained the campaign activities from the first year and spoke about the importance of the initiative in the context of the overall training situation and the development of future trade specialists.

Members of the panel during the IHK event (from left): the bloggers Michelle Müller and Jan-Luca Thomas, Arne Rössel of IHK, Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer and Personnel Director Stephanie Gabler at Werner & Mertz. Photo: Werner & Mertz/Herbert Piel

Werner & Mertz also works for up-and-coming professionals and trains young people for 10 vocations: chemical technician, electronics technician for automation technology, warehouse logistics specialist, warehouse clerk, industrial clerk, industrial mechanic, IT specialist, mechatronics technician, media designer and chemical production specialist.

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