Packaging Law is a Step in the Right Direction

31 Mar 2017 - Mainz - Company-News

The packaging law is coming. In its 30 March session the Bundestag concluded its discussions and forwarded the legislation to the Bundesrat for approval. Among other things, the law will require higher recycling quotas for plastic. Support is to be provided for products that can be recycled to a very high percentage and for utilization of recycled materials in product manufacturing. Werner & Mertz, the Mainz manufacturer of laundry detergents, cleaning and care products, says the long-awaited passage of the law a step in the right direction.

The Recyclate Initiative of Werner & Mertz.
Photo: Werner & Mertz

"Finally the German legislation not only considers the hypothetical recyclability of packaging, but also acknowledges its actual share of recyclates. That is a big step toward results-driven material recycling. Incentives for the use of recyclates will encourage businesses to achieve significantly higher recycling quotas competitively and close to the market," said Werner & Mertz Managing Partner Reinhard Schneider.

One of the most important goals of the Recyclate Initiative from Werner & Mertz is expressed in ยง21 of the Packaging Law which covers participation payments based on ecological criteria. "For the first time the law uses 'high-quality recycling', which corresponds to our upcycling standards," said Timothy Glaz, Director of Corporate Affairs at Werner & Mertz.

Partners in the Open Innovation project launched by Werner & Mertz have worked toward achieving the highest recyclability possible for plastic packaging since 2012 when the Recyclate Initiative was established.

In the interim Werner & Mertz has brought to market more than 30 million items of PET packaging made of used plastic with a 20 percent share of recyclates from the Yellow Bag collection system. With its development of bottles made of 100 percent HDPE from the Yellow Bag, the company has proven that the use of recycled plastic is economically beneficial.

When the Recyclate Initiative achieves this goal with enactment of the Packaging Law, it will fulfill still another objective, that is, to be always one step ahead of current developments.

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