Technical Vocations in the Spotlight: Girls' Day at Werner & Mertz

27 Apr 2017 - Mainz - Company-News

On Girls' Day 11 pupils from the fifth to ninth grade tried out different technical jobs – mechatronics engineer, electronics technician and industrial mechanic – at the family-run company Werner & Mertz of Mainz.

The girls first got a close look at how sustainable Frosch products are manufactured in the Mainz plant. Later they completed hands-on tasks in the Werner & Mertz training workshop. Under the direction of Technical Training Manager Ralf Zimmermann, the girls tested their skills in process control by making a circuit which they later put into operation.

The girls, aged 11 to 15, confidently tried their hands at process control in the training workshop at Werner & Mertz. Photo: Werner & Mertz

With its proven Girls' Day program, Werner & Mertz wants to awaken girls' interest in technical jobs dominated by men and also support the future generation of skilled workers.

During Girls' Day at Werner & Mertz, eleven girls were introduced to various occupations from the technical area of the company. Photo: Werner & Mertz

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