New Recyclate Caps for Frosch

5 May 2017 - Mainz - Company-News

In another first Werner & Mertz has begun mass production of a bottle cap made of 100 percent polypropylene recyclates obtained from the Yellow Bag household trash collection system. Effective immediately, the sustainable FROSCH Lemon Cleaner in a 750 ml bottle with the new hinged cap of PP recyclates is rolling off the production line. With this development the Recyclate Initiative takes another step toward sustainability by using yet a third type of post-consumer recycled plastic.

Effective immediately, the sustainable FROSCH Lemon Cleaner in the 750-ml bottle will be equipped with a hinged cap made of 100 percent recycled polypropylene obtained from the Yellow Bag. Werner & Mertz will eventually use the caps on other FROSCH brand products. Photo: Werner & Mertz

The company known as "The Green Dot" (DSD Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH) provides the recycled polypropylene material from its collection system. Specifically, recyclates from the Systalen product family are used in the manufacture of caps at HEINZ PLASTICS Böhm GmbH in Langenau, Upper Franconia. Werner & Mertz also pursues its sustainability goals with its choice of pigmentation. The bottle cap gets its green color in the Cradle-to-Cradle masterbatch. The masterbatch was developed by Clariant and has been specially adapted to the recyclate of the DSD. The sustainable pigmentation is eligible for Cradle to Cradle™ certification.

Nearly nine months of intense joint development by Werner & Mertz, DSD and HEINZ-PLASTICS are behind the innovative cap. Several stress tests were conducted on the cap, which passed them all with flying colors. "The appearance, stability and usage of the hinged cap made of post-consumer has no disadvantages compared to conventional caps made of virgin material," said Immo Sander, manager of Packaging Development at Werner & Mertz. Michael Wiener, CEO of The Green Dot added, "In the Recyclate Initiative established by Werner & Mertz, we show what is possible today with plastic recycling. With the polypropylene caps, we succeeded in closing the cycle for another type of plastic."

The first product to enter the retail market with the new cap is FROSCH Lemon Cleaner in the 750-ml bottle. Werner & Mertz will equip other products in the FROSCH brand family with the sustainable caps one after another. Cradle to Cradle™ certification also is planned for those caps.

Just last year the Recyclate Initiative drew the public's attention with the world's first bottles made of 100 percent HDPE obtained from the Yellow Bag. The Initiative's efforts were rewarded with the German Packaging Award in Gold.

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