Werner & Mertz adds short films about biodiversity to its website

6 Feb 2014 - Mainz - Company-News

Using a variety of short films, the website of Werner & Mertz provides an insight into the company’s extensive efforts towards environmental protection. Amongst other things, the family-run company has taken up the cause of preserving biodiversity, the diversity of species. Thus Werner & Mertz is committed to the protection of the tree frog, for example, and the renaturation of moorland and an alluvial forest near Ingelheim. To this end, the cleaning products manufacturer supports various projects run by German conservation organisation Naturschutzbund Deutschland.

However, it is not only the environment that benefits from the projects. Thanks to the new films, website visitors also benefit in that they can learn a great deal just from watching the three-minute documentaries: as if on a real excursion, conservation experts guide viewers through the areas, explain the processes of the ecosystems and report on what specific actions are being taken to preserve them. What’s more, close-ups enable viewers to see animals and plants at close quarters without disturbing them. Thus they can discover, for example, that the now rare tree frog likes to climb trees in order to sunbathe on the top branches.

The various films on biodiversity in German ecosystems can be viewed at Media library under » Biodiversity .

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