Frosch is Most Trusted Brand 2018

15 Mar 2018 - Mainz - Company-News

Germany's "Most Trusted Brand" in the household cleaner category goes once again to the Frosch brand. In the nationwide German survey conducted for Reader's Digest by the market research firm Dialego, consumers again selected the Frosch brand from the family-run company Werner & Mertz of Mainz as the most trusted brand among household cleaners.

The soaps, detergents and maintenance products from the sustainable Frosch brand were named the Most Trusted Brand in the household cleaner category for the 17th time in a row. Photo: Werner & Mertz

With their choice consumers reaffirmed that trust in a brand grows when the manufacturer provides consistent sustainability, customer orientation and service quality in addition to high product quality. A sincere approach to customers, according to the survey, plays a major role in building trust in a brand and remains relevant for the future. The Frosch brand is clearly aware of the importance of consumer trust. For more than 30 years Werner & Mertz has banked on eco-effectiveness and conservation-minded use of resources in keeping with the Cradle to Cradle® closed loop principle.

A particular finding of the survey stands out. An overall decline in consumer trust could be seen in nearly all product categories, but Frosch achieved the highest value ever as the most trusted brand and enlarged its lead over competitors. In the laundry detergent category too the Frosch brand placed fourth in the most trusted brand ranking.

4,000 consumers surveyed in 27 categories

The current survey shed light on the relationship between consumer and brand with the question about how close brands are to the consumers. What's unique about this study is that the question regarding the most trusted brands is open, that is, consumers do not get a selection of brands from which to choose. In their unprompted answers they provide information about the brands that are high on their list. From November through December 2017, 4,016 consumers above the age of 18 who were considered to be a representative cross-section of the population were surveyed online and their relationship to brands was examined. The surveyed persons named 3,895 different brands in 27 product categories.

Since Reader's Digest established the Trusted Brands study in 2001, it has conducted the survey of German consumers every year. With paid circulation of about 300,000 copies and a readership of 1.8 million, Reader's Digest magazine is among the top five best-selling monthlies in Germany.

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