tana-Chemie reaches a milestone in packaging development

5 Apr 2018 - Mainz - Company-News

tana-Chemie and its packaging development team have a sustainability success story to tell. Since 2015 the Mainz-based manufacturer of professional cleaning products has been using HDPE recyclates from the Yellow Bag collection system for its green care PROFESSIONAL packaging. Through the use of this previously largely ignored source of recyclable material, the Group is implementing an exemplary, comprehensive solution for a genuine circular economy. More than 4.3 million bottles made of 100 percent rHDPE for the green care PROFESSIONAL and emsal brands have already rolled off the production lines since the Recyclate Initiative was established in 2012 by Werner & Mertz.
When the PET bottles from the Recyclate Initiative are added, the Werner & Mertz Group and its partners reach the very high number of more than 150 million plastic bottles made of recycled material. That makes the manufacturer of cleaning products for the Frosch, emsal and green care PROFESSIONAL brands the world's leader in 100 percent recycled plastic packaging and puts the Group far ahead of all industries!

What is the reason for this success?

Werner & Mertz recognized early the need for a true circular economy. With the Recyclate Initiative founded in 2012, the cycle of PET plastic bottles and sustainable cleaning solutions has been sensibly continued and promoted by the B2B industry too. tana-Chemie, for example, relied on the competence and experience at Werner & Mertz in its development of the world's first one-liter bottle of 100 percent recycled HDPE material from the Yellow Bag household trash collection system for its green care PROFESSIONAL product line. At Interclean in May 2018 the company will introduce the world's first five-liter canister of 50 percent recycled HDPE for the green care PROFESSIONAL brand. With this innovation the packaging developers in the Recyclate Initiative are entering new territory. For the first time they have succeeded in producing a plastic container of this size with a high proportion of recyclates whose material properties are equal to those of virgin material. Up to one-half of the canister's recyclate share comes from plastic waste from the Yellow Bag and other sources.
The polypropylene (PP) caps on the one-liter bottles are manufactured from up to 100 percent recovered materials from the Yellow Bag. Over the course of the year, tana-Chemie will use PP and HDPE recyclates in its packaging in all segments.

Photo: Werner & Mertz Professional / tana-Chemie

Packaging and cleaning go together

The Initiative follows an integral approach with its packaging. Recyclable cleaning products obviously belong in recyclable packaging. It goes without saying that the formulas' effectiveness has to match the brand's top products. That it does has been repeatedly proven in performance tests and confirmed in practice.
The formulas made up of native and renewable raw materials are evidence of the company's technical and scientific achievements. Thirty-seven Cradle-to-Cradle® GOLD product certifications have been granted to green care PROFESSIONAL products!

Imitators? They're all welcome!

Werner Schulze, managing director or tana-Chemie GmbH, says that interest in packaging development did not first arise with the headlines about plastic in the world's oceans. "Our customers accompany us on the way toward sustainability. We were able to reach these milestones because our customers demanded it." It is gratifying to see that the Mainz pioneer spirit is motivating other companies to do the same as tana-Chemie and Werner & Mertz. "Then the industry trend can lead to a genuine circular economy!"

Dr. Markus Helftewes of the "Green Dot", a partner company in the Recyclate Initiative, is convinced of the benefits from cross-industry cooperation. "The development of packaging made from 100 percent recycled HDPE in our 'Systalen' brand has set standards for the future of the circular economy. It shows what we can achieve today with the recycling of post-consumer packaging. Pioneers like Werner & Mertz and tana Chemie help us to make more progress. Honors and awards, like the recent WorldStar Packaging Award, are another argument for other manufacturers to put their trust in high-quality recyclates and to declare the use of recyclates in bottles for laundry, cleaning and care products the new standard."

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