A visit to red and green Frosch in Hallein

5 Apr 2018 - Mainz - Company-News

Heading south: The trainees from family-owned Werner & Mertz of Mainz went on a three-day field trip to Austria to visit the company's production site in Hallein near Salzburg. Four trainers accompanied the 27 trainees from all parts of Werner & Mertz on the tour. "Their work has made our trainees familiar with the Mainz production site, so it was time for them to see our second site in Austria," said Ralf Zimmermann, Head of Technical Training and the tour organizer, about the reasons for selecting the destination for this year's trip.

When the group arrived in Hallein, the first order of business was a tour of the production facilities. After welcoming words from the site's commercial manager Ingo Frank, Plant Manager Ingo Lurger and Production Planner Mario Bretschneider led the visitors through the factory where special care products, especially for the Professional division, and small series products for the Consumer division of Werner & Mertz have been manufactured since 1953.
"Team-building is always in the foreground of our trainees' outings," said commercial trainer Selina Friedrich. The trip gives the trainees a chance to get to know each other better in a more casual, pleasant atmosphere. "The shared experience not only adds to the fun of the training but also encourages communication, which, in turn, has a positive effect on our trainees' performance."

Photo Caption: Where Mozart walked – the trainees from Werner & Mertz and their trainers on Mozartplatz in the center of Salzburg. Photo: Werner & Mertz

To that end, the supporting program offered plenty of diversions. Among other things, the group toured a stadium and the Red Bull Academy, Europe's ultra-modern center for tomorrow's soccer and ice hockey players. The last item on the agenda was a visit to Mozart's city of Salzburg, where trainees took "The Night Watchmen" guided tour and experienced nocturnal city life of past centuries.

Both trainees and their trainers pronounced the outing "a successful trip".

Excursions involving all trainees are an established part of the Werner & Mertz training program. The primary purpose of the trips is to give trainees the chance to become acquainted with other trainees whom they rarely see in their day-to-day work.

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