Girls' Day at Frosch

27 Apr 2018 - Mainz - Company-News

Twelve girls from four schools in Bingen, Mainz and Wiesbaden took a look behind the scenes during this year's Girls' Day at the family-run business Werner & Mertz of Mainz. Emphasis was on the company's technical occupations that require training. The girls from grades 5 through 9 got a close look at the occupations electronics technician for automation technology, industrial mechanic and mechatronics engineer.

Twelve girls who participated in Girls' Day took a look at technical occupations in the training workshop at Werner & Mertz. Their manual skills were put to the test in the production of a travel version of Nine Men's Morris. Photo: Werner & Mertz

During a brief tour of the factory, the 11 to 14-year-old girls saw how the sustainable Frosch products are manufactured in Mainz. They learned first-hand about vocational training for the technical occupations from Selina Arnheiter, in her second year of training as an industrial mechanic, and Vanessa Petri, in her first year of training as a mechatronics engineer.

Then they got some hands-on practical training in the Werner & Mertz training workshop. Under the direction of Ralf Zimmermann, head of Technical Training, and Michael Henke, the girls could test their technical skills in the construction of a travel version of the game Nine Men's Morris. The girls hustled and bustled around the milling machine and diligently worked at drilling, sawing and filing. "It's a terrific group today. I'm thrilled to see how all the girls concentrated on their practical work. That kind of interest is a good basis for successful training," said Zimmermann.

On Girls' Day at Werner & Mertz, 12 girls became acquainted with the technical occupations for which the company provides training. Photos: Werner & Mertz

Feedback about the day at Werner & Mertz was overwhelmingly positive, with the girls making special mention of the work they did in the training workshop. "We especially liked the practical task and can imagine doing a technical training course," said the 11-year-olds Marisa and Ayleen. Elena and Olivia, both 12 years old, enjoyed working with tools too. "But we found the whole history of Werner & Mertz really interesting," they said.

With the successful Girls' Day program Werner & Mertz wants to generate girls' interest in technical occupations and to support and encourage tomorrow's skilled workers.

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