"Your Day for Africa" – Malu Dreyer lends a hand at Werner & Mertz

14 Jun 2018 - Mainz - Company-News

During the nationwide "Your Day for Africa" event on Tuesday, 19 June, pupils will again work for a good cause at the family-operated manufacturing firm in Mainz. This year a prominent person will work alongside them. The Rhineland-Palatinate Minister President Malu Dreyer will lend a hand in the factory outlet at Werner & Mertz.

Factory outlet opens earlier

Because the day-long event officially begins at 8 a.m., the factory outlet in the main building at Rheinallee 96 will open its doors earlier than usual on that day. Customers can buy sustainable cleaning products, starting at 8 o'clock. From 1:00 to 1:30 p.m., the minister president will be on duty there to help with sales of the popular Frosch products.

For one day 13 pupils from three schools in Mainz will trade their classrooms for jobs at Werner & Mertz, where they can earn money for the campaign sponsored by the Aktion Tagwerk charitable organization. The money earned in those hours benefits children in Africa. In addition to helping out in the factory outlet, the teens will work in Customer Service Export, Purchasing, Bookkeeping, Logistics, Project Management, Product Development and Supply Chain Management.

The proceeds from the "Your Day for Africa" 2018 campaign will go toward educational projects for small children and teens in Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Zimbabwe and also will support a protection program for unaccompanied under-age refugees in Germany. The idea behind the campaign is that schoolchildren can give other young people good prospects for the future through qualified schooling and vocational training.

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