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11 Jun 2018 - Mainz - Company-News

Here's what training looks like under the sign of the Frosch. Several pupils from schools in Mainz and the surrounding area visited the in-house Training Day at family run Werner & Mertz of Mainz. Youngsters from all kinds of schools learned about the many occupations and required training which the manufacturer of sustainable cleaning products offers. The information was oriented to the target groups of pupils from the eighth grade and older, their parents and the schools' faculties.

During the warehouse tour visitors got a look at the work done by warehouse clerks and warehouse logistics specialists. Photo: Werner & Mertz

Films, tours and live demos

Current trainees and their trainers had come up with some special ideas on how to present the occupations to the young people and their parents on Training Day. Films about the occupations requiring training were shown in the foyer and the employee restaurant was turned into a trade fair hall. At several booths the visitors could learn about the different jobs and have a personal conversation with the trainees and trainers.

Live demonstrations showed how theoretical knowledge could be put into practice. The industrial clerks offered info about the value chain and an overview of the applicants' portal on the career pages of the Werner & Mertz Internet site. Anyone who wanted to could have a photo taken by future IT clerks and watch it being processed in a presentation by media designers. The technical occupation trainees demonstrated the function of a planetary gear at their booth while the warehouse clerks and logistics specialists invited pupils to try their hand at maneuvering a forklift around a mini course.
Young people interested in the "Chemical Production Specialist" occupation were treated to a special look at the company. Personal tours led them through Production and the laboratory.

In addition, Selina Friedrich, commercial trainer, shared important tips for interviews and covered everything from "What should I wear?" to "What questions can you ask in an interview?" During tours of the premises the teen-aged visitors got a look behind the scenes in the warehouse and training workshop.

Good grades and personality are desirable

For technical, commercial or natural science occupations, Werner & Mertz has a wide-ranging offering on training to serve the varied interests of applicants. The requirements of each job are just as diverse. Nevertheless, every applicant for any of the occupations has to meet the same minimum requirements. They include a good school leaving certificate (mittlere Reife), good foreign language skills, good grades in mathematics and, of course, pleasure in hard work. "Other important factors are active engagement on the job, good ideas and personal qualities," said Ms. Friedrich.
Werner & Mertz offers additional services to help the future specialists succeed in their training. Among them are hands-on exercises and practical training in small teams for technical occupations and laptops at work for trainees in commercial jobs. During their apprenticeships, trainees also may participate in continuing education programs.

"The specialists of tomorrow are our guests here on Training Day. Good training provides a solid basis for a successful career. The trainees are important for the sustainability of our company for with them we take on the challenges of tomorrow," says Reinhard Schneider, Managing Partner of Werner & Mertz.

Both pupils and their parents showed a lot of interest in interview tips from the personnel professional. Photo Werner & Mertz

Open Positions 2019

Trainees are now being sought for seven of the nine occupations offered by Werner & Mertz: warehouse clerk and warehouse logistics specialist, industrial clerk, industrial mechanic, IT clerk, mechatronics technician and chemical production specialist. The training begins on 1 August 2019.

More information about vocational training at Werner & Metz can be found at ยป www.werner-mertz.com.

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