"Your Day for Africa" – Werner & Mertz works for a good cause

19 Jun 2018 - Mainz - Company-News

The family-run company of Werner & Mertz in Mainz once again took part in the nationwide campaign "Your Day for Africa" on June 19. For that day 13 pupils from three schools in Mainz traded their classrooms for jobs at Werner & Mertz, where they earned money for educational projects in Africa. This year a prominent person, the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister President Malu Dreyer, worked alongside them.

Reinhard Schneider, managing partner and owner of Werner & Mertz (right), with Minister President Malu Dreyer (center), Nora Weißbrod (right) and volunteers. Photo: Marcus Steinbrücker / Werner & Mertz

The teens worked in several different areas of the company, including the factory outlet, Customer Service Export, Purchasing, Bookkeeping, Logistics, Project Management, Product Development and Supply Chain Management. The money the students earned for eight hours of work goes into projects run by the Aktion Tagwerk charitable organization.

Minister President lends a hand in the factory outlet

It wasn't only the young people who rolled up their sleeves and got to work that day. In the factory outlet Minister President Dreyer helped out with sales of the popular sustainable Frosch products. "Every year I am impressed all over again by the many different ways the young people show their commitment to helping others. The teens also get something back for their engagement in that they gain insight into a field of work. Aktion Tagwerk raises the awareness that we all live in one world and that all people need prospects for the future. I am very pleased that Aktion Tagwerk expanded its concept and will use the proceeds for educational projects for children and teenagers in Africa and for the support of young people who have fled to Germany," she said.

"As a company with a focus on sustainability, we think it's only right to work for good living conditions not just locally but in other countries too," said Reinhard Schneider, managing partner at Werner & Mertz, "Young people around the world should have the opportunity to receive qualified education and vocational training. With this campaign, pupils from local schools create prospects for the future for their age peers in Africa. We are happy to support their efforts."

Proceeds go to education projects

"Your Day for Africa" is a nationwide campaign for pupils of all ages from all types of schools. The campaign has been organized by the Aktion Tagwerk charitable organization since 2003. The proceeds from the "Your Day for Africa" 2018 campaign will go toward educational projects for small children and teens in Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Zimbabwe and also will support a protection program for unaccompanied under-age refugees in Germany.

At work in the lab: The 15-year-old Isabella März from the Hildegardisschule Bingen works for Aktion Tagwerk. Photo: Marcus Steinbrücker / Werner & Mertz

Thirteen pupils in grades 10 and 11 at Rabanus-Maurus-Gymnasium, Theresianum Mainz and Hildegardisschule Bingen worked at Werner & Mertz. This year was the second time Werner & Mertz participated in the campaign.

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