Werner & Mertz remains EMAS-certified

8 Aug 2018 - Mainz - Company-News

EMAS certification has been renewed for the Werner & Mertz production sites in Mainz and in Hallein, Austria. Both locations passed the external EMAS audit without any deviations. The results gave the Mainz factory reason to celebrate a 15-year success story in sustainability matters.

The Sustainability Management team at Werner & Mertz was delighted with renewed EMAS certification for the production sites in Mainz and Hallein. Photo: Werner & Mertz

Since 2003 Werner & Mertz has voluntarily had the environmental impact of all processes at the Mainz location analyzed according to the European Union's Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) and has made continuous improvements to its environmental management system.

"Every year we have to formulate demanding goals and communicate them externally," said Dr. Detlef Matz, Head of Sustainability Management at Werner & Mertz. "Through EMAS we have optimized our environmental management over the years and have achieved very impressive successes." For example, Werner & Mertz has reduced its total energy consumption by 50 percent since 2003. In Hallein, Austria, the EMAS audits have been conducted since 2005.

The experienced external auditors who closely examined the production sites on behalf of EMAS praised the companies' engagement. "For me, Werner & Mertz in Mainz and Erdal in Hallein are true beacons in the matter of sustainability," said Dr. Norbert Hiller of Intechnica at the most recent audit in Hallein. He and his team of reviewers conduct about 1,000 site audits annually.

Fifteen years of EMAS certification is certainly a reason for the Mainz company to celebrate, but not to pause in its efforts. Werner & Mertz will continue to set lofty goals in order to obtain EMAS recertification again in three years.

EMAS is a voluntary instrument of the European Union which supports companies and organizations of every size and industry with the continuous improvement of their environmental performance. It is the world's most demanding system for sustainable environmental management. To earn the EMAS certificate, companies and organizations must regularly submit to audits conducted by external auditors.

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