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26 Nov 2018 - Mainz - Company-News

Environment Minister Svenja Schulz today presented her five-point plan to counteract unnecessary plastic waste and to encourage more recycling. Among other things, the plan calls for promoting recyclable design, raising recycling rates and increasing the demand for recyclates. Minister Schulz wants all parties, from manufacturers to retailers, to get involved.

Reinhard Schneider, managing partner of Werner & Mertz, welcomed the five-point plan. He recognized in it many of the measures that have been successfully implemented by the Recyclate Initiative, which he brought to life nearly six years ago.
"We are practical proof that the measures planned by Environment Minister Schulz can be implemented. Now with more than 215 million packages of used plastic that also are recyclable, we exceed the current demands of the Federal Ministry for the Environment," says Schneider. The Initiative has developed successful and, most importantly, economically feasible solutions in accordance with circular economy principles. Furthermore, it uses several different types of plastic such as PET, HDPE and PP from post-consumer collections – primarily from the Yellow Bag system – in high-quality packaging. What the Recyclate Initiative has already implemented is documented on the Internet site » .

"The recyclate initiative established by the Environmental Ministry serves the goal of increasing the demand for plastic recyclates," says Schneider. He hopes the plan will have a widespread impact that will lead to reducing the costs for recyclates.
In today's ZDF interview for the news program heute ( » ZDF Mediathek ), Schneider puts in a good word for the Recyclate Initiative from Werner & Mertz: "The cross-industry partners in our open innovation project have already contributed their know-how. Involvement is expressly encouraged, for the more participants we have in the Recyclate Initiative, the more the environment benefits from effective plastics recycling.”

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