Sustainable Cleaners for the Mainz Tafel

28 Nov 2018 - Mainz - Company-News

The family-owned company Werner & Mertz of Mainz has donated three pallets of 2,000 sustainable Frosch cleaning products to the Mainzer Tafel.
The goods donation marks the start of the autumn donation drive for the federal association Deutsche Tafel. In conjunction with the national logistics company Spedition Schmelzer in Gensingen, Werner & Mertz has donated this year 332 pallets with Frosch brand household cleaners, dishwashing and laundry detergents to Tafel organizations throughout Germany.

Three pallets filled with Frosch products for the Mainzer Tafel at the start of the nationwide donation drive donated by Werner & Mertz and Spedition Schmelzer (from left): Kurt Bösing (Spedition Schmelzer), Uwe Ronski (Mainzer Tafel e.V.), Marcus Schmelzer, managing director of Spedition Schmelzer, Julia Haag, Planning Management Sales Erdal Rex, Adolf Reuter, chairman of Mainzer Tafel e.V., Andreas Hardt, managing director of Werner & Mertz Service & Logistik GmbH and Ansgar Kerckhoff, Mainzer Tafel e.V. Photo: W&M / Marcus Steinbrücker

Adolf Reuter, chairman of the Mainzer Tafel e.V., happily accepted the donation. "Our volunteer Tafel aides will give the donated goods directly to their disadvantaged customers, who will certainly be pleasantly surprised by the Frosch cleaners," he said. "We are pleased that the donated goods are environmentally friendly and sustainably manufactured products." Cleaning products are an outstanding complement to the goods offered by the Tafel. "Especially now before the holidays, this donation helps our customers to save a little more money, which they can then spend on presents for their children," Reuter said.

"Social engagement is an important component in the sustainability philosophy of Werner & Mertz. We have given our support to the Tafeln in Germany for several years. Their work is exemplary, for the aid goes directly to the needy. The volunteers at the Tafeln have long been an important pillar in the community," said Julia Haag of Plannings Management at Erdal-Rex, the Werner & Mertz German sales company. "Because Werner & Mertz is a family business rooted in Mainz for generations, it's only fitting that we provide underprivileged local people with sustainable laundry, care and cleaning products," said Andreas Hardt, managing director of Werner & Mertz Service & Logistik GmbH.

The donation is made possible with the help of the Werner & Mertz transport partner, Spedition Schmelzer of Gensing. The logistics company does not charge for the drivers and vehicles it provides to transport the pallets not only to the Mainzer Tafel but to other Tafeln across the country.
Marcus Schmelzer, managing director of Spedition Schmelzer said, "We think it's very good that Werner & Mertz maintains its long-term engagement with donations to the Tafeln. The dedication shown by Werner & Mertz is so important for social organizations like the Tafel. We are pleased to support this activity because it comes closest to our philosophy."

Spedition Schmelzer transports the valuable freight at its own expense from the Mainz headquarters of Werner & Mertz to the logistics centers of the Bundesverbandes Deutsche Tafel e.V. From there the goods are taken to the separate Tafel distribution stations. The Tafeln in all federal states received goods during the donation campaigns in spring and autumn 2018.

The Mainzer Tafel is one of about 900 Tafeln branches throughout Germany. They collect good quality food and goods for everyday use and gives them to disadvantaged people. Most financing comes from donations. Mainzer Tafel regularly serves some 1,800 persons – many of whom are in big families or are single parents. They are looked after by about 140 volunteers.

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