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29 Mar 2019 - Mainz - Company-News

Mechanics and electronics were on the agenda at this year's Girls' Day with Frosch in Mainz. Thirteen girls became acquainted with the technical trades for which Werner & Mertz offers vocational training. For an entire day the girls from grades five through 10 had the chance to look behind the scenes at the family business and to take up the tools of the trades themselves. Girls' Day at Werner & Mertz attracted pupils not only from schools in Mainz and Wiesbaden but also from Bingen, Eltville, Geisenheim, Hattersheim and Trebur.

On Girls' Day at Werner & Mertz 13 girls got to know the technical trades for which the company offers training. Trainers Ralf Zimmermann and Michael Henke along with some trainees lent the girls a helping hand. Photo: Werner & Mertz

A busy day dedicated to technical jobs at Werner & Mertz had been planned for the 11 to 16-year-olds. They began with a tour of the company during which the girls learned how sustainable Frosch products are manufactured in Mainz. Selina Arnheiter, who is now in her third years of training to become an industrial mechanic, spoke about technical training under the sign of the frog and answered the girls' questions.

But the highlight of the day was the practical work done in the training workshop. There the girls were given two interesting practical jobs. The "machinists" built a metal robot and the "electronics technicians" added a flashing beat to a heart. Head of Technical Training Ralf Zimmermann and Michael Henke, a chemical worker, stood by to help the girls as they diligently got to work, drilling, milling, soldering and assembling. "It was a large and fantastic group today. That's proof that our Girls' Day program appeals to local schools," said Zimmermann. "I was delighted to see how the girls concentrated on the practical tasks. That level of interest is a good basis for successful training."

Practical hands-on work instead of classroom theory: On Girls' Day at Werner & Mertz the visitors, like the 10-year-old Jana, built metal robots and hearts with flashing lights. Photo: Werner & Mertz

"Fascinating and informative" was how the girls summed up Girls' Day at Werner & Mertz. They were particularly enthusiastic about the work they did in the training workshop. Fourteen-year-old Alinda said she could imagine training for a technical job. "I really enjoyed the practical work and, most of all, that we had a finished object we could take home at the end of the day." Lena, who is 12, also liked the workshop. "But it was also terrific to see the factory. I had no idea that it was so big," she said.

With the popular Girls' Day program, Werner & Mertz wants to generate girls' interest in technical occupations and encourage them to become tomorrow's skilled workers. At other events, such as the in-house Training Day on 8 June and several job fairs in and around Mainz, Werner & Mertz informs the public of its vocational occupations. For the training year 2020 the family-operated business in Mainz is offering the following technical occupations: industrial mechanic, machine and equipment operator, and mechatronics technician.

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