Trust in the Frosch brand is higher than ever

31-May-2019 - Mainz - Company-News

The Frosch has leapt way ahead of the competition. With a sustainable lead, the Frosch brand was chosen the "Most Trusted Brand" in the household cleaner category. In Germany's nationwide Trusted Brands Study 2019 conducted on behalf of Reader's Digest, the brand of the Mainz-based cleaning products company Werner & Mertz achieved an increase of 6 percent compared to prior year and expanded its lead over the second-place brand from 17 percent to an astounding 25 percent! All six brands behind Frosch in this category showed a standstill or a decrease in consumers' trust.

According to the study, product quality, price/performance ratio and, more recently, environmental protection are the main consumer concerns and decisive factors regarding trust in a brand. The sponsors of the study say it is understandable that companies which devote themselves credibly and transparently to ecological aspects also earn more consumer trust. The Frosch brand was singled out for praise on the Reader’s Digest Website:

The Frosch brand from Werner & Mertz in particular shows again and again in the Trusted Brands Study that it can score points in consumer trust. In 2017, 28 percent of those surveyed named Frosch as the most trusted brand. That number climbed to 36 percent this year and again put Frosch in first place in the household cleaner category at a considerable distance ahead of the other 119 cleaning product brands named. (Source: » )

Photo: Werner & Mertz

Since 1986 the Frosch brand has stood for organic quality. Within the scope of the Recyclate Initiative, which Werner & Mertz brought to life in 2012, the company has devoted its efforts to resource conservation and sustainable material cycles. To date (as of May 2019) more than 266 million PET bottles made of 100 percent used plastic from post-consumer waste collection have been produced and filled. A world record!

Societal change affects buying behavior and politics

In addition to asking consumers about their trust in brands in several categories, Reader’s Digest also wanted to know their opinions on sustainability. The result: not only young people, but a majority of all adults (70 percent) voiced concern about the current environmental situation. That has an effect on voters' decisions – as seen in the results of the European election – and on buying behavior. Seventy-one percent say it is important that every single person pays more attention to his/her own buying behavior. According to Reader’s Digest, consumers are much more willing to change their behavior when something is offered in a simple and straightforward manner.

"What's happening in the environment and the growing awareness that every one of us has to do something are influencing consumer behavior. This change is becoming apparent in the times of young leading figures like Greta Thunberg and the "Fridays for Future" movement, not just in the young target groups of Generations Y and Z, but also clearly in the generation of 60-plus," says Eckhard Philippi, managing director of Reader’s Digest Deutschland: Verlag Das Beste GmbH.

Results confirm GfK study on brand champions and burn-outs

The Trusted Brands Study 2019 is another independent source which proves that consumers appreciate the integrally sustainable orientation of the Frosch brand. In February of this year at its annual kick-off, GfK, the largest German market research institution, identified the Frosch brand as one of four brand champions in an otherwise unstable environment. According to GfK, the continuous success of this family brand can be attributed to the coherent product range expansion with a focus on sustainability. The Frosch brand increases consumer awareness of relevant environmental issues with the positive message in its campaign "Frosch for clean oceans".

"Both the GfK Study and the Trusted Brands Study 2019 made for Reader’s Digest show that brand trust grows where effective environmental solutions are demonstrated. Conversely, the way out of the current precarious situation for many brands lies in making credible and effective contributions to environmental protection. We invite other brands to follow our example and to make their contributions in the future – because it can be done," said Werner & Mertz owner Reinhard Schneider.

About the Trusted Brands Study:

Reader’s Digest initiated the Trusted Brands Study in 2001 and since then has ascertained the brand trust of German customers every year. The study is unique in that consumers name the brands without any prompts, that is, they are not given a list from which to choose. The consumers alone say which brands they trust most.

For the current study 4,021 consumers, considered representative of a cross-section of the adult population (18 years and older), were questioned online and their relationship to the brands was examined. Respondents named 3,425 different brands in 27 product categories. Reader’s Digest is one of the top five best-selling monthly magazines in Germany with a paid circulation of more than 200,000 and a readership of 1.67 million.

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