Trainees show the way to sustainability

5 Jul 2019 - Mainz - Company-News

Every single person can do something on behalf of sustainability and together the trainees from Werner & Mertz and Edeka Scheck-in can accomplish even more. For the current Week of Sustainability the young apprentices from both companies joined forces to organize a joint campaign. On three days (4-6 July) the trainees told customers of the Scheck-in-Center in Mainz-Weisenau how, with little tricks at home. they could do something to protect bodies of water and help stop the flood of plastic into the world’s oceans.

Getting customers excited about sustainability: The trainees from Werner & Mertz and Edeka Scheck-in in Mainz-Weisenau. Photo: Werner & Mertz

The subject of sustainability links Edeka with Werner & Mertz, two companies that are anchored in Mainz. Their shared location made it easy for trainees to meet for planning sessions and to carry out the project at a local site.

Their own ideas skillfully implemented

The five trainees from Werner & Mertz and Scheck-in prepared thoroughly for their joint appearance on the sustainability days and worked out the consulting concept completely on their own.

With matching campaign shirts and attention-getting placards, the trainees welcomed the customers to the Edeka Scheck-In and told them about their project. The visitors to the supermarket took the opportunity to pick up some shopping advice at the sustainability info booth or to talk with trainees about effective recycling of plastic packaging. So that customers could get an idea of the good quality of sustainable products, the trainees handed out small samples of an innovative cosmetic product from Werner & Mertz. The Frosch Senses shower gel, whose packaging has been made from 100 percent used plastic from the Yellow Bag since May, is a genuine sustainable solution in the fight against the flood of plastic. When the used plastic is recycled, it does not land in an incinerator or in the world’s oceans.

“We could tell from the conversations that the consumers were interested generally in the subject of sustainability and specifically in getting advice on how to avoid plastic and how best to recycle it. In answering their questions, our teams complemented each other perfectly,” according to the summary from the trainees. The campaign helped to increase consumer awareness of sustainability, which is good reason for the trainees to continue their project in the coming year.

Sustainability connects

Sustainability is a link between the family businesses of Werner & Mertz and Scheck-in in Mainz- Weisenau. A core element in their corporate philosophies, sustainability is practiced by their employees every day.

The family-run Scheck-in adheres to a philosophy that puts a priority on freshness, a broad selection and quality along with regional products that are offered in season and transported over environmentally friendly short routes. Thanks to innovative laser marking on fruits and vegetables, the company saves 50 tons of plastic annually and offers an alternative to plastic and paper bags for unpackaged foodstuffs. The Edeka product packaging and Scheck-in flyers are manufactured from ecologically advantageous materials such as FSC®-certified paper from responsible forestry or from recycled paper. Owner Adolf Scheck places great value on well-trained employees and vocational training in accordance with the highest educational standards. In 2018 the Mainz-Weisenau Scheck-in was awarded the Edeka Cup for its engagement.

Werner & Mertz has long been a pioneer in sustainable packaging. In 2012 the cleaning products company founded the Recyclate Initiative in cooperation with several partners to promote the high-quality processing and reuse of plastic material obtained from the previously untapped source of the Yellow Bag. The recycled plastic is used in the manufacturing of plastic packaging and kept in a closed loop indefinitely. When material cycles are closed, there is no trash that can end up in an incinerator or in the ocean. To date, more than 270 million plastic bottles have been made from used plastic within the scope of the Recyclate Initiative and Werner & Mertz has been recognized around the world as Best Practice for sustainable packaging. For Managing Partner Reinhard Schneider, it is very important to support and encourage engaged trainees and thereby lay the foundation for good career opportunities.

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