Fresh-scented ideas for small spaces

20 Jan 2014 - Mainz - Product-News

REX Breezer gives a breezy scent to wardrobes, drawers and the like – with adjustable intensity

The closet opens and your nose fills with sensuous freshness. As you enter the guest WC, a refined world of fragrance fills the space. A pleasant scent makes you feel comfortable right away. The new scent stick REX Breezer by Erdal-Rex is now ready to deliver breezy freshness to all of your small spaces. The special touch: With REX Breezer, the scent intensity can be adjusted according to personal taste, space size or ventilation possibilities – it’s totally customisable, which means that the scent stick can be as intense as each user prefers*.

Five scent windows for customised scent intensity

When it comes to scents, the right intensity makes all the difference. With REX Breezer and its easy-to-use intensity-adjustment system, it’s simple and it just takes a moment. The scent stick has five scent windows that can be opened completely or part-way, giving just the right amount of fragrance. How it works: The scent windows can be opened with a slight rotation, and closed again once the right scent strength is reached — like dishing out portions of fragrance.

Two scent varieties, two worlds of freshness

REX Breezer is available in two scent varieties: the exotic bouquet Exotic Blossom and Satin Touch, a pure, delicate aroma. According to the intensity level and external conditions, the scent depot can last up to four weeks. The REX Breezer scent stick has a decorative design and can either be hung from a thin elastic band or placed on a surface.

The new REX Breezer scent sticks for intensity-adjustable freshness in small spaces are available from now on in drugstores and food retailers as well as the Frosch shop .

* market research: In a consumer survey by Ipsos, 83 percent of the respondents rated strength-adjustability for an air freshener as very good or good. The survey consisted of 1,200 women who run households.

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