Werner & Mertz provides its region with disinfectant

15 Apr 2020 - Mainz - Company-News

In response to the high demand for disinfectant prompted by the corona crisis, Werner & Mertz has quickly and pragmatically developed a highly effective hand disinfectant with readily available raw materials. Within one week the materials were procured, the disinfectant was produced and made available along with all required documents. In less than 30 seconds the product is effective against bacteria and enveloped viruses like the coronavirus. The Mainz-based cleaning products manufacturer has produced 7,000 liters with its new formula.

The idea behind the distribution was to provide assistance to the region. The hand disinfectant was delivered at cost to local retirement and nursing homes, emergency medical services and many municipal departments in Mainz. The Mainz municipal utility, for example, was able to give disinfectant to bus drivers and emergency medical personnel and the Mainz waste disposal operations could continue to ensure the protection of employees' health. The relief organization Malteser in Bistum Mainz received 500 liters of disinfectant at cost, which the Malteser Frankfurt central warehouse then distributed to several regional sites.

Markus Häfner (left in photo), Managing Director of tana-Chemie GmbH, who is responsible for Germany in the Professional Division at Werner & Mertz, organized the manufacture and delivery of the hand disinfectant to the relief organization Malteser in Mainz. Copyright Photo: Werner & Mertz / Marcus Steinbrücker

Werner & Mertz is aware of its responsibility and has converted production accordingly

In addition to the newly developed disinfectant, Werner & Mertz manufactures many other products that contribute to minimizing the risk of infection in the current situation. Among those products are surface cleaners which prevent infection transmission through smearing. Furthermore, Werner & Mertz is one of the three largest manufacturers of hand soap in Central Europe. Regardless of the current situation, the Professional Division portfolio includes disinfectants which the company now delivers to more than 500 hospitals throughout Europe and ultimately helps to save lives. This important civic duty is taken very seriously, as owner Reinhard Schneider stressed: "The containment of the pandemic is our top priority right now – with no regard for financial gain.
"Consequently, we have decided to give preference to the production of disinfectants by our Professional Division, for example, and suspend the production of articles that are not absolutely necessary at this time, such as our real 'champion' Frosch Bio-spirit Glass Cleaner. We are doing everything in our power to contribute to the health and safety of our fellow citizens."

The hand disinfectant was bottled at the Werner & Mertz production site in Rheinallee, Mainz, and distributed at cost to regional institutions. Copyright Photo: Werner & Mertz / Marcus Steinbrücker

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