Frosch brand expands its lead in consumer trust

6 May 2020 - Mainz - Company-News

The integrally sustainable orientation of owner and German Environmental Award winner Reinhard Schneider builds consumer trust

The Frosch brand has set a new record! For the Trusted Brands Study 2020 in the category of household cleaners, 39 percent of surveyed consumers expressed their trust for Frosch – an increase of three percent over prior year. The brand from the Mainz cleaning products manufacturer Werner & Mertz was selected as "Most Trusted Brand" for the 19th year in a row. Frosch widened its lead over the second-place brand from 25 percent to 27 percent.

According to the nationwide German study contracted by Reader’s Digest, environmental protection has become the focus of consumer attention and a decisive factor in earning their trust. The Frosch brand, one of the Top 3 named brands in this performance category, once again deserved special mention on the Reader's Digest Website:

The Frosch brand from Werner & Mertz repeatedly shows in the Trusted Brands Studies that it can earn points in consumer trust. In 2017, 28 percent of consumers surveyed named Frosch as the most trusted, and this year the brand was at 39 percent and again in first place in the household cleaner category – with a considerable margin ahead of 113 other cleaning brands named.
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Copyright Graphic: Werner & Mertz Source: Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands 2020 Deutschland

Integrally sustainable orientation honored with German Environmental Award

The brand Frosch has stood for organic quality since 1986. In 2000 the current owner Reinhard Schneider took over leadership of the company and declared the integrally sustainable orientation an issue for top management. Among the measures taken are the increased use of European vegetable oils in Frosch brand formulas, the recycling of used plastic from post-consumer waste collections for product packaging and the company's voluntary environmental audits based on EU requirements. For his consistent ecological engagement Schneider received the German Environmental Award in 2019. At the award presentation ceremony, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that Schneider acted as a responsible entrepreneur before many others became active. He had shown with true pioneering achievement that environmentally conscious and entrepreneurial activity were not a contradiction, and that he had made this his recipe for success. He had "fully streamlined products and production for sustainability."
Again this year the Trusted Brands Study provides proof that this engagement earns consumers' respect and engenders great and lasting trust.

"Especially in the current situation, it is abundantly clear that we need an economy that operates in the balance and works to achieve stability so that we can act in harmony with our environment. Consumers have long known that, as the Most Trusted Brands Study convincingly shows. We hope that politicians act accordingly and do not put aside the adopted measures in the European Green Deal for a sustainable future for reasons related to the corona crisis," said Werner & Mertz owner Schneider.

About the Trusted Brands Study:

Reader’s Digest initiated the Trusted Brands Study in 2001 and since then has ascertained the brand trust of German customers every year. The study is unique in that consumers name the brands without any prompts, that is, they are not given a list from which to choose. The consumers alone say which brands they trust most.
For the current study 4,001 consumers, considered representative of a cross-section of the adult population (18 years and older), were surveyed online in December 2019 and their relationship to the brands was examined. Respondents named 3,603 different brands in 22 product categories and seven performance categories.
Reader’s Digest is one of the top best-selling monthly magazines in Germany with a paid circulation of more than 200,000 and a readership of 1.5 million.

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