Frosch receives prestigious Brand Award for its sustainability strategy!

02-Jun-2020 - Mainz - Company-News

Clean Oceans campaign for packaging made of used plastic convinces jury

The Frosch brand from the cleaning products company Werner & Mertz has received an award for its unfailing commitment to sustainability. With its Clean Oceans campaign, Frosch came out on top and won the highly respected Brand Award 2020 in the Best Sustainability Strategy category. "An extremely credible First Mover," said the expert jury. "The sustainability strategy of the company is presistently pursued, with significant consequences for society."

"With this distinguished award, we can verify that consumers care about and understand credible sustainability the way we live it," said Werner & Mertz owner Reinhard Schneider. "The award comes when debates are raging about which direction our economy should take."

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Campaign raises awareness of a complex subject

Frosch has stood for organic quality since the brand's founding in 1986. In the early days the brand was known as a pioneer of "gentle chemicals" in its formulas. Since 2014, the focus has been expanded to include ecological packaging. Werner & Mertz established the Recyclate Initiative in which cooperation partners along the entire supply chain help to advance the development of packaging made with a high share of used plastic from the Yellow Bag. The Initiative has chalked up many successes. Developed according to Cradle to Cradle® design concept for a circular economy, the plastic bottles for Frosch brand cleaning and cosmetic products are now made of 100 percent used plastic, which also is completely recyclable.

To help consumers understand the complex subject of sustainable packaging, Frosh kicked off the Clean Oceans campaign in 2017 – and discovered early on that the task was not so simple. "You can easily reach the consumer when explaining colorful and fragrant natural ingredients like orange terpenes, but packaging topics are a lot more difficult," said Wolfgang Feiter, Head of Consumer Marketing for Erdal-Rex, who is responsible for the Frosch brand. "Packaging does not have sensory qualities, so there is no way to engage the senses. A message that takes the wrong approach is doomed to failure." That the Frosch brand found the right tone is proven by continuous growth of the brand and winning the Brand Award.

Using short and catchy messages, the campaign appeals to emotions to explain Frosch's pioneering role with plastic bottles made of recyclates. It all began as a Point-Of-Sale promotion in retail outlets before moving in 2018 to traditional media and further reinforcing the message on online platforms and social media. In his role as a brand ambassador, Hannes Jaenicke continued his long-term close cooperation with Frosch in raising awareness of plastic pollution in the world's oceans.

"I am very pleased that this award improves our chances of winning over others inside and outside our industry for our approach, increasing the overall benefits for the environment, and strengthening our pioneering role," said Schneider.

Next milestone: The completely recyclable refill pouch

Since 1991 Frosch has set its stake on refill pouches, which save up to 70 percent plastic in comparison to plastic bottles containing the same amount of product. Not long ago Werner & Mertz, in collaboration with the global packaging and paper firm Mondi, succeeded in developing a completely recyclable pouch made of a monomaterial (polyethylene) with a removable wrap-around label. The patented, pioneering solution was created in accordance with Cradle to Cradle® principles. The pouch has a completely unprinted container and an extremely thin plastic label on which product information is printed. During the recycling process, the label can be automatically separated from the main container because no adhesives or bonding agents are used. The first Frosch refill pouches of this type – for dishwashing detergent and hand soap – are already on the market. The rest of the product portfolio will be converted this year. In the near future this innovation and world-first will be presented to consumers as part of the Clean Oceans campaign.

About the Brand Award:

With the Brand Award, the German Marketing Association (Deutsche Marketing Verband) and the marketing magazine "absatzwirtschaft" have honored excellent achievements in brand management since 2001. The top-class jury of experts from management, marketing, media and agencies chooses the winners. Because of the coronavirus, this year the eight finalists made their live pitches to the jury in a video conference, after which award winners were announced.

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