Werner & Mertz donates to the Tafel centers throughout Germany

10 Jun 2020 - Mainz - Company-News

Providing products urgently needed during the crisis / regional aid is important

The corona pandemic has greatly added to the hardship faced by customers of nearly 940 Tafel centers in Germany. Right now it's important that the general public shows its solidarity and support. With material and financial donations, they help the Tafel centers to supply many needy people with the products required in this crisis.

The family-run company Werner & Mertz of Mainz is donating approximately 170 pallets of more than 80,000 sustainable Frosch brand household cleaners, dishwashing and laundry detergents to Tafel centers throughout the country. The material donation initiative is supported by the company's national transport services Spedition Schmelzer and DB Schenker which provide drivers and vehicles free of charge to deliver the products to Tafel centers across Germany.

Photo, from left: Uli Bieker (Mainzer Tafel), Oliver Vollhardt (DB Schenker), Julian Degreif (Werner & Mertz), Andreas Hardt (Werner & Mertz), Gisela Schmitz-Rother (Mainzer Tafel), Marcus Schmelzer (Spedition Schmelzer), Ansgar Kerckhoff (Mainzer Tafel) and Peter Funck (Werner & Mertz). Copyright: Werner & Mertz / Photographer: Marcus Steinbrücker

"As a family company, we are completely dedicated to sustainability and that means taking on social responsibility too," said Andreas Hardt, Managing Director of Werner & Mertz Service & Logistik GmbH and Corporate Supply Chain Coordinator at Werner & Mertz. "We have supported the Tafel centers in Germany for many years because their volunteers make sure that the aid goes directly to the needy. Their work in the current situation is invaluable. We are happy to be able to help with our donation."

"We see accepting responsiblity – especially in the current situation – as an important signal for the people and as an appeal to all of those who are in a position to help. For many years we have had the chance to support Werner & Mertz GmbH with other such donations. We admire the Mainz family company for its long-term engagement in charitable activity and happily help out every year by doing our part," said Marcus Schmelzer, Managing Director of the transport and logistics company Spedition Schmelzer GmbH.

"We are pleased to contribute to this social initiative organized by our customer Werner & Mertz," added Jörg Herwig, Executive Vice President Land Transport DB Schenker Germany / Switzerland. "Especially at this times like this, quick and uncomplicated help is necessary."

Giving help to local Tafel too

The nationwide donation also took the Mainzer Tafel into consideration. About 1,800 persons, including many large families and single parents, regularly visit the center. Andreas Hardt, Julian Degreif and Peter Funck (Werner & Mertz), Marcus Schmelzer (Spedition Schmelzer) and Oliver Vollhardt (Production Manager at the DB Schenker branch in Bingen) were happy to pesonally hand over four pallets filled with sustainable cleaning and laundry products and a lot of Frosch magnets for the children to Gisela Schmitz-Rother, Ansgar Kerckhoff and Uli Bieker of the Mainzer Tafel e.V.

"We are very grateful for the generous donation! During this crisis we also have received six to eight tons of food from more than 100 supermarkets in the region. The additional donation of cleaning and laundry products from Werner & Mertz helps us to look after our customers in this difficult time," said Schmitz-Rother of the Mainzer Tafel

Providing regional support is a very important matter to the family company based in the capital city of Rhineland-Palatinate. Besides the support given to the Mainzer Tafel, Werner & Mertz recently donated 29 PCs and notebooks to the Bretzenheim Sustainability Initiative. It had taken up the cause of supplying computers to Mainz schoolchildren who otherwise had no access to them. Because of the special situation in home schooling and increasing digitalization in lessons, the devices have become important tools. For these purposes the notebooks were equipped with current software and then distributed.

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