Mission Possible: Environmental Award Winner and TV Star join forces

29 Jun 2020 - Mainz - Company-News

Reinhard Schneider and Hannes Jaenicke take on greenwashing and plastic lobbyists with attention-getting actions and viral spots

With satirical spots that go viral and provacative, amusing attempts to engage giant corporations in conversation, the cleaning products company Werner & Mertz and environmental activist Hannes Jaenicke routinely pull off sensational feats. Neither the company owner Reinhard Schneider nor the well-known actor shies away from conflicts with competitors or politicians. Behind all the funny and original confrontations, however, is the serious issue of environmental and climate protection. The two underscore that message in their new joint film released today. Like previous viral spots, the film comes from the creative minds of Jaenicke and his production company Tango Film.

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A look behind the scenes

The nearly five-minute campaign film shows the best of their cooperative efforts to date. It begins with the media-savvy banner "We have to talk" in the sky over the headquarters of a major competitor, moves on to cover legal disputes involving environmental engagement and competition regulations, and includes the funniest Internet video clips featuring Jaenicke. To date, the latest video with Jaenicke in the role of lobbyist Dr. Christian Leugner generated 8 million clicks. A great success! The new film goes even further and provides an opportunity for the two leading figures Schneider and Jaenicke to say something about the background to their work. For with all their pointed actions, the duo wants to advance one important topic: more climate and environmental protection through the use of recyclable plastic packaging made of used plastic.

With a focus on circular economy and climate protection

Back in 2012 Werner & Mertz and its cooperation partners along the entire supply chain brought the "Recyclate Initiative" to life in order to pursue the goals of recycling used plastic for high-quality re-use and keeping plastic in a closed cycle. Where material cycles are closed, no waste is produced that could end up in an incinerator or in the ocean. The success is apparent. Under the auspices of the Recyclate Initiative, more than 380 million recyclate bottles have been brought to the market – a world record!

The Initiative was purposely set up as an Open Innovation project in which experts share their know-how and offer it to other companies. As more companies join in, the process becomes more economical and sustainable because utilization of new technologies, which is initially somewhat more expensive, later reduces the unit cost. Large corporations shrink back from the temporary cost increases – at the expense of the climate and environment.

Because attempts at initiating a conventional dialog did not pan out, about two years ago Schneider came up with the idea of working with Jaenicke on humorous, media-savvy ways to call attention to the issue.

"With our cooperation we show that sustainability does not have to be a joyless subject for a small niche, but can certainly add something to quality of life for everyone!" says Schneider.

Jaenicke added, "I am proud that we have found a good way to present this topic, which has usually been handled with an alarming lack of humor. Environmental protection has to be fun so that the consumer wants to get involved!"

Viewers will learn from the new campaign film whether the actions have triggered the desired response from consumers and competitors, what the interim results look like and whether the cooperation will be continued.

Link to film: » wir-fuer-recyclat.de

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